Interview with Blogger Samir Saleem

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Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

I started The Technology Cafe as a blog to make Pakistani students aware
of the latest happenings around the global web pertaining to technology
tools, but soon expanded it to verticals such as social media, gadget
reviews and news about HR, movies and viral videos to make it
more engaging for audiences. I have been running the site for three years
and the site has won the Merit award for Best International Technology Blog
from CIO and Google Pakistan at the Pakistan blog awards 2011.

I’m wondering what some of your memorable experiences are with blogging?

One of the best experiences was when Google+ came as a platform for social
networking. While millions of Blogs write their two cents, what made us
different was streaming our stories on Google+ and posting
infographics comparing Facebook and Google+ as social platforms.
That differentiated us from others, leading us to more traffic and unique
visitors plus got us more writers who wanted to contribute as Guest

If you had to describe life as a blogger in a Twitter message (140
characters) what would you say?

Keep you self afloat, be focused and give your two cents, success will

What do you think sets Your site apart from others?

Consolidation of verticals such as News, social media, technology gossips,
viral videos and gadget reviews. Its basically a one stop shop.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success
in life, what would it be?

Balance. That means don’t compromise family for money or work nor vice

What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

When we won the award without expecting that we would be winning from over
150 entries.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no
worries about how it?s paid for – what would your top 3 choices be?

New Zealand – Wellington
Australia – Caneberra
Canada – Sudbury

What is your favorite book and why?

The Quran : If you just read even one ayat from it, it gives you clarity
and comfort. If you just listen to it it soothes your troubles.
Un-explainable enchantment basically.

How bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?

Well, if you have passion and a vision about what you want to write about
then be good about your content, advertisers will come to you yourself for
promoting their brands. Plus programs such as Adsense and technorati Media
pay really good if you have unique content.

What role can bloggers of the world play to make this world more
friendlier and less hostile?

Prove that ordinary citizens have a voice to share as well besides the
regular channels of media. Bloggers can give their two cents on the matter
of discussion and hence bring on others on-board having the same mindset
for example on the topic of education bloggers can come up with a forum to
collect regular citizens speak their voice of how they want the system to
be like hence giving a diverse range of alternatives for authorities to
ponder upon and execute.

Who are your top five favourite bloggers?

Micheal Arrington – Ex-TechCrunch
Christina Warren – Mashable
Joshua Topolsky – The Verge

Is there one observation or column or post that has gotten the most
powerful reaction from people?

Google+ Infographics that I discussed earlier.

Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger?

Yes. Some bloggers give you thoughts and things to ponder
upon. Certain ideas which are unique and really out-of the box
thus making you believe that blogging does influence the masses.

What is the future of blogging?

The future of blogging is mobile. Allowing ordinary citizens to report
share their experiences and happenings from anywhere, anytime thus
resonating the voice of change more exponentially to millions of mobile

You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your
personal and professional life?

Well as I said you have to keep a balance. Try not to dive to much into
everything. It does effect sometimes such as events or some press release
that you know would bring traffic on your blog, But if you cut your time
for that press coverage then be sure to cut time for family and religion
when you think a mediocre or less meaningful news that wont make a dent on
your blog is coming up, simply leave that and be human.

What are your future plans?

We want to become the single or ranked amongst the top 10 sources of news
pertaining to technology news, gadget reviews and social media news in the
south eastern region in the next 3 years.

Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator?

Simply visit and subscribe to our blog or on
our social pages that being Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or even if you
have a passion for writing, contact us!!!

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