Punjab Youth Internship Progam 2014

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PYIP scheme is the dream come true for the youth in Punjab. The empowerment and enabling of youth can make any country a power in the cluster of the nations. The Punjab government under the great and visionary leadership of Shahbaz Sharif is especially focusing on the youth, and they are introducing revolutionary and extremely beneficial pragmatic programs to empower and enable the youth of the Punjab.

If you are young, have got any skill, or are educated and you are looking to start some business or you have some idea to implement then you should be applying for the chief minister scheme for internship of youth in the Punjab. This scheme is for the youth who have the mettle to prove themselves and who can really steer the ship around.

If you have around 16 years of education and your age is below 30 and you are Pakistani national then you are qualified for this scheme. You will be placed in a reputable organization to get the real world experience in the Pakistan and you will also be getting a handsome stipend. You will be equipped with the corporate values and how to work.

This scheme will help you gaining that elusive experience much needed for such jobs. You will also be among the select few to already get that launching pad to propel yourself into the bright future. You need to avail this opportunity at its full throttle and make sure that you don’t blow this chance away.

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