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Internet Girls and Boys of Pakistan Earning Opportunity

By Amna Gilani • Nov 6th, 2012 • Category: Features • 4 Comments

One very positive thing about Pakistan is that the presence of Internet is almost ubiquitous throughout the country and its quite cheap and the quality is very high. Believe me, Pakistan’s telecommunication is much better than even countries like India and Far East and many others and I am saying this after experience.

Pakistani youth who are jobless can have their own startup in their own backyard. The business model is there. In every neighborhood, multiple houses are present in Pakistan from where one or two people are abroad to earn their living, and the families here spend huge amount of money on phones. After the recent taxes it has become expensive for the expats to call back home on land line or mobile.

This is where opportunity for the Pakistani jobless youth is. The IT-enabled girls and boys could get a cheap laptop, and a USB Internet stick and reach out to such families in their neighborhood or even in other parts and offer them their services for some reasonable sum. They could even offer their Internet services for teaching people or for entertaining them with Facebook or any other social media.

Idea is there and its limitless and this is a high speed, low cost, low overhead model to start your own business or do it part time.

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  1. But at the same-time some negative aspects came from the online jobs like fake agencies who take money from jobless persons to give job and the flew away.

  2. Earning opportunities through the internet are not practical. People cannot survive without a real job. Furthermore, you could have explained what kind of “services” people can be offered in order to earn money. Also, the title is awkward. It could have been “Internet is an earning opportunity for boys and girls in Pakistan.” No offence…just my thoughts on the issue. Thank you.

  3. Forwarding Mr. Yusha’s point nine out of ten houses where the main member is abroad earning, have laptop and internet facility. Zardari government has imposed heavy taxes on overseas calls sure. But I think Skype services are free. You can see each other and can talk. Science has killed the distance.

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