Innocent Shias killed: What was their Crime?

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Innocent Shias have been killed. 31 dead and 281 injured injured. What was the crime of those killed? That they are Shias? And what about the killers? Did they become better than the Shias by killing them?

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced a compensation of Rs 500,000 for the heirs of each of those killed and Rs 75,000 for each injured person. However, no amount of money can compensate for the killing of someone’s father. Someone’s brother. Someone’s sister. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s mother. Innocent little children rendered orphans. What was their crime?

What is the reason for the killings? Hate. It is not just present among those who kill. It is present in many of us. We may condemn sectarian violence all we want, but for a moment let’s take a good look at ourselves. Look at the hatred in the common man. Especially among Sunnis and Shias. Look at how the average Sunni hates a Shia, and vice versa. Call a Shia a Sunni by mistake and look at the rage in his eyes. Or call a Sunni a Shia and see how you end up offending him.

Why have we made other people’s religious beliefs a reason to hate them? What is the reason? Don’t we know that we are brothers and sisters. Or are we going to fall for mullah propaganda who think that all Shias are kafir. Who are we to decide what Shias are? That is for Allah SWT to judge. Our job is to love.

The western media and local channels have made it a habit to show grisly pictures of Shias during Muharram. My question is, so what if they shed their blood during Muharram? Unlike western leaders, they are not busy shedding the blood of others. Or like those Sunni lunatics who go around killing and destroying property.

Coming back to Shia-Sunni hatred, the worst example is that of Shias and Sunnis destroying each other’s mosques. At the end, what has been destroyed? A mosque.

Whether Hazrat Ali should have been the Khalifa instead of Hazrat Abu Bakr can be debated for years. People are busy wasting their time on websites with useless discussions, throwing dirt on each other. The past cannot be changed. However, we can change the future. Let’s learn to respect and love each other.

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