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Indians Fighting in Swat : PICTURES PROOF!!!!

By Guest Blogger • May 23rd, 2009 • Category: Politics • 123 Comments

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pictures of Uzbek and Gurkhas non-Muslim militants killed during the Pakistani military sweep of the Swat Valley. These exclusive pictures show that they are uncircumcised. Their facial features prove they could be Gurkha fighters whom the Indian and the British militaries use to fight in mountainous regions. The Americans have also hired some of them. The pictures also show that some of theses killed terrorists could be Uzbeks from Abdul Rasheed Dostom’s murderous militias in Afghanistan that are allied with the U.S. occupation army and Kabul’s puppet government.

The question that arises here is this: Why is the Pakistani military’s media arm, the ISPR, not releasing these pictures to the Pakistani media? This is the biggest proof that Indians are not only sending trained butchers and terrorists from Afghanistan disguised as Taliban to kill Pakistanis, but there are actual Indians fighting within the ranks of this so-called Pakistani Taliban in Swat?

By Dr. Esa

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123 Responses »

  1. Pakistanis are great at deceiving themselves….. Your problem is intrinsic but you dont seem to understand… What a pity

  2. >>>>>>>>>>These exclusive pictures show that they are uncircumcised

    >>>>>>>>This is the biggest proof that Indians are not only sending trained butchers and terrorists from Afghanistan disguised as Taliban to kill Pakistanis, but there are actual Indians fighting within the ranks of this so-called Pakistani Taliban in Swat?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha !





    is every “uncircumcised” person an indian?

    who ever wrote this article Please use you brain !

    is an “uncircumcised” the biggest proof of being an indian?

    what about Brazil ? are all people “circumcised” there?

    there are muslims in indian, are they not “circumcised”?

    thus all “uncircumcised” are not indians and all indians are not “uncircumcised”

  3. After hearing completely wrong statements of general athar abbas for many days I thought that Our army is still living in the world of 1971 where they were use to of given fake statements what was actually happening there.Result came and all knew the reality with more shocks.Now after seeing such proofs of Indian involvement in swat side now I am think that our intelligence mafia is actually living in 1940s era where blood shed was planned on the basis of such evidences,
    I think now our intelligentsia has started knowing the actual and worst aftereffects of full force war mostly occurring due to intelligence failure.We are still unable to locate the leadership of talibans, nor we shut down their means of communication,We cannot locate their arms supply points that is enabling them to fight continuously for more than 2 weeks with one of modern equipped army of the world.So after seeing such idiotic justification that is the typical old trick of both countries for taking cover of their weakness we must understand that what is cooking on high level for making foundations of wrong doings on poor residents of swat.
    The presentation of such picture comes in the context of humiliation of dead bodies but every thing is justified in war and love and we are extremist for our love for US and verbal war with Indians.
    The producers of these photo are completely ignorant of the facts the orphans and the generation born in six major camps in NWFP were grown up like street dogs.They had gotten their food from garbage,got first education from child abusers or drug peddlers.This generation born in such camps are now in the age groups of 30 to 35 years ,the best paid terrorists without any tints of any religious
    tuition in their lives.
    Nothing more to say that what we have to do after seeing such proofs, cry or laugh on our policy makers but I think our intelligent men of TPS can give some technical observation on seeing this weak proofs that it is just an intelligence stunt nothing more than it.

  4. Nazi
    How come u r writing very big articles within very short time?. Ur comments are very good and thought provoking.


    This the original source.

    And one Dr Esa ( You got your doctorate degree in pakistan right??. You just proved it ) posted that article here.

  6. Naazia, the photos are evidence of indian terrorism involvement in wreaking havoc in our country. what bigger evidence u need. these indian terrorists are not circumcised. We all know that muslim men are always circumcised as it is obligatory in Islam

    u know nothing about military planning and u behave as like u’re in command position, on top of everything. leave military planning to military planners, as they are trained and responsible for that. India is involved in destabilising our country and at such time, maniacs like u tend to create disillusionment and discontent in people. shame on u

    u love indians so much, then just leave our dear country and seek shelter in some hindu temple in india.

    we don’t want ppl like u who eat Pakistani bread and then spread nonsense against our own armed forces, govt and side with an enemy state.

  7. Naazia, go marry some hindu like arun or adi. this is ultimate cure for a woman like u who feel so much affection for indian uncircumcised terrorists.

  8. Yes aqeela
    you know military planning better than me as this circumcised evidence is considered as one of strongest evidence to indulge India in our war game.Tell our army on the basis of this biggest proof to plan attack on India and conquer its all areas.
    Indians are really fools of world who could’nt find any terrorist with circumcision in their thickly populated and select purely uncircumcised breed for last 60 years to create terrorism in the area.You are really geniuses of your own kind. I am sure Indians will reply you in much good manners than me but when you have no logics to spit dont try to mess in the discussion with dirty manners.Be fair and accept fair response.
    No Indians will ever dare to sent me proposal of marriage as they respect me as pure Pakistani muslim women but seeing yourr hostile response they might think of same kind of arrangement for you.
    Choice is yours behave like well mannered Pakistani as it is sounding me very familiar.

  9. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa comment no 8 ………………………….right comment for miss india………….miss nazia rahul………………………

  10. TPS viewers
    Dr shahib has again released from his mental asylum and sooner you would be benefited by his high profile comments those are mostly indigestible to normal persons.But his presence here is a bitter truth. One of his enemy disguised as his friend has given him the worst gift a computer with net service as his treatment plan.Nobody knows that this computer is actually multiplying his multiple mental disorders rather than curing him.lets pray for his good mental health that he usually lost during any positive discussions and again sent back to his mental asylum so he should be advised to get rid of this equipment people called PC as soon as possible and do something for mankind as a professional doctor.

  11. This mess here and there among us and within our domain; is because of this illegitimate nation, the India.

    It was because of this real threat as truth that our military as guarders had to move so to nib and drag these bastards Indians, from our valley therefore to prove our values.

    We should simply amputate this uncircumcised proof as souvenir and should send it to India expressing our brutal retaliation; if at all this illegitimate nation continues its cunning activities.

    Shame on India!

  12. miss nazia please get hold of this uncircumcised flag and cry all you might for your loving indian.

  13. Aqeela please carry on discussion I am afraid, I can’t handle bit……………..cheese.

  14. Comment no 8 still remains artistic………………..hahahahahahahaha

  15. India may or may not be involved in Swat


    Anyone who calls these pics proofs of indian involvment in Swat needs to have his head examined !

    please dont even think of getting darkter Baja Haider’s head examined as one may find it empty,

  16. @Arias comment 16 and Naazia u listen carefully here


    1. Taliban Terrorists claim to be Muslims

    2. All Muslim Men Are Under Obligation to Undergo Circumcision on Birth

    3. Taliban are supposed to be tribals who strictly adhere to Islamic Traditions
    So the Million Dollar Question:

    This is a strong indicator that THESE TERRORISTS ARE NOT AT ALL MUSLIMS!
    Now the Question Arises:

    Who are they?

    Why Would a Non-Muslim Risk His Life Fighting in Swat?

    There should simply be no motivation at all for a Non-Muslim to be there with terrorists, unless he is sponsored by a hostile foreign intelligence agency like Indian RAW!
    Naazia, Why do u flare up so quickly if u have no empathy for those killed uncircumcised indian terrorists? logic sounds so irritable to u.

    u so critical of Pakistan Army and its spokesman and show so much affection for indian terrorists. Is not this a shame? It is u who behave in sick illmannered way, as u show no respect for our country where u are eating ur bread. what do we call a person who side with enemy state India and its uncircumcised Indian terrorists? Ghaddar is the right word to describe unfortunate ppl like u ‘Miss India’, who eat Pakistani bread and side with our enemy.

  17. Dr. Raza, this wanna be ‘Miss India’ Naazia, in her love for bollywood, shows so concern for killed uncircumcised Indian terrorists that she goes to the point of insulting Pakistan Army and its Spokesman. And then when someone asks her to stop such nonsense, she respond in such illmannered mode.

    Unfortunate creatures like this ‘Miss India’ living on our sacred Pakistani soil and eating Pakistani bread and are so illusioned by their ‘bollywood dreams’ that they go on to insult Pak Army and its spokesman and show affection for confirmed ‘uncircumcised’ killed Indian terrorists. What type of breed is this? If she is so head over heals in love with Indians and their bollywood culture , she better leave our sacred country and go to India, and do whatever she like to do there. This is a cure for her Bollywood syndrome. Why is she wasting her time in our country when her loyalties lie with hindus?

    Our brave Pak Army officers, jawans are sacrificing their lives fighting the Indian sponsored insurgency in Swat and Miss India Naazia insults our Pak Army and its spokesman. She is a Ghaddar, a traitor.

    I never often send comment on blogs, but nonsense offensive remarks about our dear Pakistan, in comment 4 of Naazia r enough for any Pakistani to respond to. I did my duty to respond accordingly.

  18. One would think that at the very least the Pakistanis would know their own country! Time to go to your Waziristan areas and check out the Frontier COnstabulary folks. They don’t circumcise.

    Nice try and sad that the editor of this site can fall to any level.

  19. What a shame when people become so emotional and so irrational. The whole world including Pakistan knows that there is an ongoing insurgency in Pakistan for the last so many years. The situation has not got better but it deteriorated to such an extent after this so called ineffective government took over. On the official circles there is no mention of any indian hand in this but some bloggers in Pakistani like Zahid Hamid and Ahmad Qureshi are doing this crooked stuff to involve a non agent in Pakistan’s ongoing offensive in SWAT and other places.
    This is a failed operation as the Pakistani army has not been able to kill, capture or parade any of the top level taliban insurgents.
    Have a look at the two links that I am attaching here for the TPS readers.
    1. “Taliban Is Foiling Pakistani Military-Insurgents Easily Melt Into Populace in Swat “(
    2. “………. It appears that many in the backward tribal areas of the country like Waziristan don’t undergo the mandatory circumcision that all Muslim males should undergo. The story took a rather comic turn when some of government’s own injured paramilitary soldiers, when examined, were found to be uncircumcised. This was especially true of wounded soldiers of the Frontier Constabulary from Waziristan, engaged in fighting Taliban militants.

    Kamran Khan, a legislator from Waziristan in Pakistan’s lower house of parliament, told the Times of India that many in the poor tribal areas fail to undergo circumcision because it is either not mandated in their tribal codes or because in many villages there are neither hospitals or even barbers, who perform most circumcisions in rural areas.

    ‘‘People are either circumcised in hospitals or barbers do the job. Neither we have hospitals in Waziristan nor institution of barbers,’’ Khan said, adding that poor people of Waziristan can’t afford to take their male children to other areas for circumcision.”..Read the story here, “Circumcision no longer acid test to identify Indian spies”

    3. Showing such a picture is against the basic human rights of dead or fallen enemy combatant. This also assumes significance that effort has been made by the TPS and other Pakistani blog sites to show the private parts of a fallen enemy combatant. Our religion Islam teaches us dignity in the conduct of war.

    4. A little effort on the part of esteemed readers of TPS on google may give them several sources and links of poor tribal people in waziristan not having this tradition of circumcision, though it is a mandatory part of muslim culture and tradition.

    5. I fail to understand why a retired army man like Mr. Haider behaving like a child and going after a woman who also has the right to air her views. Can anyone tell him that it is this kind of behaviour on the part of serving and retired army men that is dangerous for the soverignty of Pakistani nation.

  20. Do not be intimidated by my name. I am a Pakistani and am circumsized :) Such a weird thing to say. But now that I have laid down the ground-work for my identity, I must continue with my inquisition. I know the guy is uncircumsized. Now I have two questions which I dare others to answer, especially Dr Esa:

    1) This picture could have been taken anywhere. How are we to believe you are telling the truth? To me it seems like the picture of a man lying down on a slab somewhere around the globe. Perhaps in some other country other than Pakistan. How can you prove you took the pictures and that you were in Swat then? (As I am a computer programmer, I know that every picture has an EXIF tag when taken from a camera - If you give me the original I will be more than happy to tell you the date, time, location and altitude of the picture taken - Really, it’s that simple! - Your alegations need proof and I can prove if it’s true at all)

    2) What benefits are there in the valley of Swat for the Indians?

    These two question should be very simple to answer. Shouldn’t they be?

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