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Inaugural Day: Obama Need to Learn from Bush

By Farid Masood • Jan 20th, 2009 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 16 Comments

As per saying of new president of United State Barack Obama that ‘Change has Come to America’. The change that is much needed for the American Nation and the rest of the world too. Change that was felt in 20th century after World War I and then after World War II. This feeling of change became much strong when we had witnessed two small weapons killing some hundred thousands in two cities of Japan. That was the day of change for Japan and also for those who learnt that disaster but that was the first ever registered crime against humanity by the United States. Rules of war don’t allow killing of innocent civilians.

in 1945, United Nation Organization (UNO) came into existence with a mandate to be an autonomous and neutral body. But later on this organization lost its mandate and lost its impartial role, thus minimizing its role in the world or its role was superseded by the might of big countries or small countries backed by those big ones. Ultimately we lost that change.

After the cold war with the retreat and split of USSR gave us an opportunity to make this world a better place as vision by Michael Jackson in his album ‘Dangerous’ in 1991. But world had became politically & financially imbalanced.

President Clinton ordered attacks on Iraq, President Bush Continued the same policy even being from the opponent party in US political system taking a plea of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which are still to be presented before the world. The change was needed in Iraq and that might had been by the hanging of Saddam Hussain (as he was a cruel dictator) but after his assassination (history force me to say it as ‘assassination’) more than seven hundred thousands Iraqis have lost their lives including children and women and US citizens & soldiers too. Change for the betterment of Iraq and the rest of the region is still to be witnessed or it that change may never come.

Talking about Afghanistan will there be a change due to US and NATO invasion, in last seven years the world was unable to see any substantial improvement except Karzai enjoying US perks and privileges being a king of the castle.

If we learn from the above mentioned history of almost hundred years the change United States has not witnessed is increasing hatred towards its policies and actions. Living with justice is much hard but imperative to protect others and to get protected from others. United States is the country donating much to the World being top of the donors but she has become top of the list the country killing the people of the world. A brief look on Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan will tell us the exact story. We here must also look upon the deeds of Israel backed by USA from 1950 till today.

We must also have to learn the difference between terrorism and movements of independence and rights of self-determination. Change doesn’t mean the change of faces as we have witnessed in Pakistan after February 2008 elections. You can better teach us the true meanings of change. Mr Bush and Ms Rice being the fundamental students of a teacher proved their religious madness during last eight years, things could have been tackled otherwise as there are several ways to address a problem and the right decision is that one in which you choose the way more beneficial for both the parties, rest of the world and future. Telling a lie forces the liars to tell more lies to cover the older one, firing a bullet may for the time being solve the problem faced but it sure generate multiple problems. Drone attacks and invasions might not help but dialogue & patience may help.

For the change its imperative that one must learn from the history & mistake of ancestors and prove it by acts. Some times we have to make harder decisions to correct the wrong doings of our elders by making them example before the world. If you do it in USA the change we can hope Pakistani nation will remain a step back in bringing the change. This will not harm American Interests but sure to improve her image before the rest of the world.

Today, you would be rejoicing being victorious, but at the end of the day there would be calmness, which will prick you gently to think for the next four years. Yes change needs time and efforts. You are young and energetic and you have got four or may be another four years to do it, you got resources support, financial problem would be there but we hope you can do what you have said in your election campaign. A soldier cost much less when he/she is in the barracks, their return to American lands may help you to drive through current economic meltdown and financial disintegration.

We in Pakistan might have lost an opportunity to bring about change in Pakistan after assassination of Benazir Bhutto or after February 2008 election or with the passage of time we are loosing it abruptly but you have got the right time to bring the change within and outside of American territory.

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16 Responses »

  1. Hi ,
    Almost all Pakistani commentators ask for stoppage of American drone attacks against Taliban/foreigners in WAZIRSTAN, FATA etc?These guys are burning girls schools, digging bodies from graves and killing FC./Army of Pakistan.Is not drone attacks against these devils a welcome sign though it may hurt the National Pride of Pakistan.

  2. obama NEEDS to learn from bush. and you NEED to learn english.

    plz write in urdu instead

  3. The change in the white house is hoped to be not only change of face but also of policy- which would lead the world to peace

  4. Farid,

    Sorry to say this but their is lot of mistake in your sentences.

    Now coming to mail topic of Change. You have rightly said that change needs time to take effect, same applies to Pakistan also. Your govt. is just a year old, give them time to change things for you.

    But when you are talking of change, what does it have to do with a person or a country. Change is not dependent on anybody.

    The topic you have chosen is very interesting as we can talk lot over it and around it, but still the bottom line is are you ready for change. People over here on this blog have not changed their attitude towards India, look at the old Brig, all the time is shouting at war with India. I guess he was in 1965 and 1971 war, and has suffered a lot mentally.

    People like Khokar, Brig, Raza, and might be many more such people are only spending their time thinking of hate against India. Have these changed with so many years behind them, and with their hair growing silver or Grey.

    Farid, whatever happened in the past is history, we need to learn lessons from it. All the war that India and Pakistan have fought gives good learning, not to find weakness in other party, but how we can make effort in creating a bond of friendship.

    Both the countries got independence at the same time. They had difficulties when they started their journey after independence, but the struggle taught us Indians to fight hard to achieve the goal that we had set for ourselves. We did that, we took small steps at times and at times bigger once also. We made mistakes, we failed at few instances, but the drive to progress was always their.

    People in Pakistan are no different they are also from the same land as that of India. Just a line drawn on land by some politicians don’t change our heritage. We have the same fighting instincts for achieving our place in world, and we will succeed. For that to happen Pakistan has to stop relying on other countries.

    During cold war Pakistan was with US and India was on USSR’s side, Pakistan was getting lots of money from US for carrying out various activities of US, like the Afghanistan war with Russians. The money that came in was easy money and people were not made to struggle to achieve it.

    Your parents might have taught you have easy money makes people greed, selfish and dependent. The same happened of Pakistan. China whom you call your all weather friend, has its own motivation for becoming a friend. They needed access to Indian Ocean it was possible through Pakistan, this again made Pakistan more dependent on other countries.

    You talk about being a Muslim country with nuclear weapon, but have you thought of where they came from? It was not solely developed by Pakistan, they were either given by US or China.

    People in Pakistan suffering, when Pakistan was established, it was a secular state were minorities like Hindus, Buddhists, and others will be given equal rights and good quality living. But things changed, you talk about Muslims not treated good in India, can I ask you what about the Hindus in Pakistan, are they treated well?

    People in Pakistan shout scream about Kashmiri Muslims, do you know that during Bosnian war the people who were killed were mostly Muslims. Will your Jihadis attack or create terror scenario over there. The answer is, NO. They are concentrating it on India, can you give me one example were because of the terror attacks that India faces every year we have attacked you and killed Pakistani people. But you can find these examples else were in the world, look at war on terror, look at Israel - Gaza war, if you search on the internet you will find many more examples.

    Today also India is maintaining its calm, and not engaging in war with Pakistan, cos that will make these terrorist win. That is what they want.

    Farid I am putting some links over here, they are regarding Israel war history, read them.

    This one is for Bosnia war.

    Your thoughts awaited.

  5. Guys read this.

  6. Read the article by Shandana Khan.

  7. Adi

    very interesting and valid comments


  8. TPS shouldn’t be posting such a weak, erratic and lousy piece as lead story. After such dazzling stories, we get to reach such a shame.

  9. Adi

    “Now coming to ‘mail’ topic of Change” how i get the meaning of the word ‘mail’ or ‘main’? there are other mistakes if you want me i can do it for you some other time.

    I have consulted many retired Army officers other than the Brig Sahib you are talking about, they all say the same thing that we can draw a line and Indian army cannot cross it. What war hysteria Indian government posses. Come on we want extradition to Pakistan of Col Prohit and others involved in two different incident again Pakistani People. We shall deal with them as per our laws.

    Pakistan remained supporting Bosnia in a way that some Paksitanis married Bosnian Ladies when they came to Pakistan.

    Indian Nuke came from Rajhistan? how they were developed?

    Your comments are a good, keep visiting TPS,


  10. Well, it’s not shameful to not know any language. English is not our native tongue and we are not ashamed of not speaking it immaculately. But we do try. The spirit of Farid Masood should be lauded and in my view he has put his points across.

    Only TPS can do it, and we are proud of it.

    Live Long Free Media.

  11. Not only Obama all the world rulers need to learn from mistakes of Bush. Obama or Bush it is only a face change and not the policy change, so I wont expect much different from Obama as far as war on terrorism is concerned which is effecting all of us in Pakistan. In fact the war on terror in Pakistan region by NATO and US forces is going to intensify and get deeper into Pakistani areas which all of Pakistani should be worried of.

  12. In addition to comments of Brig Sahib. TPS is not a site to learn English language, comments must be on the theme of post for which a writer put in his / her efforts. IF English becomes as per English literature i am sure 95% of Pakistani and other readers may not understand what is written. A writer has to take up the issue rather than to put in image of a lucid English writer. only 3 or 4 of 10 contain discussion related to issue raised here. Its not just to have an internet connection and authority to comment what you say. It is imperative that one may convey point of view and that is called Functional English.

    TPS welcomes criticism and even if it has become personal to any of the writers, none of the wrriter at TPS minds criticism.

    Keep visiting TPS :)

  13. Farid,

    Now you are talking like a politician, Purohit is found guilty and he is dragged in the court for justice to be given for people who lost their loved ones.

    Giving Purohit to Pakistan is out of question the same way as your govt. thinks that giving people linked to terror attack on India.

    Regarding the army stuff that you mentioned earlier, I am not much aware of the army strength of Pakistan and of India, but the claim that those ex-army gives have made, I think is not realistic.

    If they think the Pakistani army is so strong then why Taliban is moving ahead in Pakistan and capturing towns and cities. Why they are not able to draw a line at Pakistan border and push Taliban back in Afghanistan?

    Ask those army guys this question, I would like to listen to their answer on this.

    The point on Bosnia that you have made is not what I was trying to say, my point was the terror groups that operate in Pakistan, people in Pakistan who think that India is not treating Muslims in India the way they treat other people with equality, and all those things are not looking at what happened in Bosnia when Muslims were picked from their homes and killed.

    Also the current situation in Palestine, those guys are also Muslims, why these terror groups not saying that they will stand besides Hamas and fight the war against Israel, like they said for war against India.

    Why is it that you guys look at only India for everything, why cant you guys look at other parts of the world as well were Muslims are being tortured and killed. Can you guys do that?

    When I was growing I always used to think that why people always blame Pakistan for any terror activity, why the terrorists used to say that they are doing this because of the torture the Muslims are suffering in India. This used to fuel me with 2 different thoughts, one Pakistan is bad, and the other Pakistan is not bad, but few people are trying to make it bad in front of other people.

    This curiosity fueled me to read articles, news stories, now blogs to understand this. After going through all this, I have realized a few things, Pakistan is not bad, its people at large or in general are not bad, but their a few individuals who are showing them that Muslims are suffering and Pakistani Muslims need to protect them. But few you look at the larger picture, these activities are trying to create a gap between people in India, they are trying to divide them, they are trying to generate hate against Muslims in India, which is bad, wrong, and ugly. When you say Muslims in Kashmir are suffering and these terror groups are picking guys from their to fight army, they are harming the same Muslim community in Kashmir, when army tries to find these recruiters and the people who are helping them and kill them in a battle or cross fire, you point fingers to Indian army and govt., but is it only their fault or mistake. The answer is a big NO.

    I am from India, I leave in Mumbai, we have seen many bomb blasts, roits, and bad things. But what makes this city so vibrant is its spirit, the never die attitude, the willingness to fight all the evil or bad things.

    I have no hatred against you or any Pakistani, the only thing that I or we the people of India would like you and your govt., to do is stop these terror camps dismantle its infrastructure, bring the people who are involved in these activities in front of justice. Is it that hard to do?

  14. Just a comment on last comment. Kashmir issue is not that simple as you have tried to state. There is not freedom struggle goining in Kashmir only but in other parts of India as well which has nothing to do with Muslims at all. It is open secret that India and US are providing all sort of support and training to Baluch seperists to creat greater bluchistan which will allow to carry out the gas pipeline plan as well. While asking Pakistan to dismentle the infrastructure of such activities, it will be wise to ask India to do the same as well. Both countries need to live like good neighbours.

    One thing is sure if India keeps on supporting seperists in Pakistan to break Pakistan, India will also break in to pieces. It might sound right but wait and see.

  15. LinkMuslims,

    Can you show a few examples of the Baluch claim that you are making?

  16. Lol,I adore Mr.Jackson! He was the best to ever do it! We will never have someone like MJ! RIP to the KING!

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