Inaugural Day: Obama Need to Learn from Bush

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As per saying of new president of United State Barack Obama that ‘Change has Come to America’. The change that is much needed for the American Nation and the rest of the world too. Change that was felt in 20th century after World War I and then after World War II. This feeling of change became much strong when we had witnessed two small weapons killing some hundred thousands in two cities of Japan. That was the day of change for Japan and also for those who learnt that disaster but that was the first ever registered crime against humanity by the United States. Rules of war don’t allow killing of innocent civilians.

in 1945, United Nation Organization (UNO) came into existence with a mandate to be an autonomous and neutral body. But later on this organization lost its mandate and lost its impartial role, thus minimizing its role in the world or its role was superseded by the might of big countries or small countries backed by those big ones. Ultimately we lost that change.

After the cold war with the retreat and split of USSR gave us an opportunity to make this world a better place as vision by Michael Jackson in his album ‘Dangerous’ in 1991. But world had became politically & financially imbalanced.

President Clinton ordered attacks on Iraq, President Bush Continued the same policy even being from the opponent party in US political system taking a plea of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which are still to be presented before the world. The change was needed in Iraq and that might had been by the hanging of Saddam Hussain (as he was a cruel dictator) but after his assassination (history force me to say it as ‘assassination’) more than seven hundred thousands Iraqis have lost their lives including children and women and US citizens & soldiers too. Change for the betterment of Iraq and the rest of the region is still to be witnessed or it that change may never come.

Talking about Afghanistan will there be a change due to US and NATO invasion, in last seven years the world was unable to see any substantial improvement except Karzai enjoying US perks and privileges being a king of the castle.

If we learn from the above mentioned history of almost hundred years the change United States has not witnessed is increasing hatred towards its policies and actions. Living with justice is much hard but imperative to protect others and to get protected from others. United States is the country donating much to the World being top of the donors but she has become top of the list the country killing the people of the world. A brief look on Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan will tell us the exact story. We here must also look upon the deeds of Israel backed by USA from 1950 till today.

We must also have to learn the difference between terrorism and movements of independence and rights of self-determination. Change doesn’t mean the change of faces as we have witnessed in Pakistan after February 2008 elections. You can better teach us the true meanings of change. Mr Bush and Ms Rice being the fundamental students of a teacher proved their religious madness during last eight years, things could have been tackled otherwise as there are several ways to address a problem and the right decision is that one in which you choose the way more beneficial for both the parties, rest of the world and future. Telling a lie forces the liars to tell more lies to cover the older one, firing a bullet may for the time being solve the problem faced but it sure generate multiple problems. Drone attacks and invasions might not help but dialogue & patience may help.

For the change its imperative that one must learn from the history & mistake of ancestors and prove it by acts. Some times we have to make harder decisions to correct the wrong doings of our elders by making them example before the world. If you do it in USA the change we can hope Pakistani nation will remain a step back in bringing the change. This will not harm American Interests but sure to improve her image before the rest of the world.

Today, you would be rejoicing being victorious, but at the end of the day there would be calmness, which will prick you gently to think for the next four years. Yes change needs time and efforts. You are young and energetic and you have got four or may be another four years to do it, you got resources support, financial problem would be there but we hope you can do what you have said in your election campaign. A soldier cost much less when he/she is in the barracks, their return to American lands may help you to drive through current economic meltdown and financial disintegration.

We in Pakistan might have lost an opportunity to bring about change in Pakistan after assassination of Benazir Bhutto or after February 2008 election or with the passage of time we are loosing it abruptly but you have got the right time to bring the change within and outside of American territory.

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