Imran-Musharraf; Ideal Combination for Pakistan

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Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is a practical guy. He has given ample time and chance to the democracy and to the so-called civilian leadership. Now as the country teeters badly at the brink, he, it seems, badly wants to bring his former boss back to put the country back onto the track.

General Shuja Pasha, the former chief of ISI, has already been in UAE and has been meeting with the General Musharraf. For him, the ideal combination is Imran-Musharraf duo. With the enlightened supervision of Syed Musharraf, the progressive, flamboyant, and new Imran Khan would really enable Pakistan to shine. General Shuja Pasha was a loyal soldier who tried his best to make Pakistan stronger on every front. The way PML-N has maligned his good name is very condemnable. Anyway, he is still active for the country, and that is a great news.

The corrupt lot of Lahore throne tried their best to give impression that General Kayani wanted one more extension and for that he wanted to delay the elections. But Kayani has remained steadfast. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said that free and fair elections are his dream and he is glad that his dream will be realized soon. What else they want from him?

It is an open secret that since he became the Army chief of our proud forces, he tried his level best to ensure that the election process should not be interfered, and only due to him we are at this stage that elections are just round the corner. There is no doubt at all that Geneal Ashfaq has always supported the democratic process according to the words and spirit of the Constitution in the past five years.

I would urge General Ashfaq to do some backdoor acts and bring Musharraf on board. General Musharraf also advocates free and transparent elections now along with peaceful transition of power, and he is all capable to hold and control the power along with the Imran Khan. Musharraf can deal with the external forces and with the terrorists, while Imran can improve the economy through taxation with corruption free state organs.

We all know that under the leadership of Kayani, if Musharraf and Imran win, the election results will be welcomed with open heart as the Army has nothing to do with people’s choice.

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