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Imran and Qadri ; Pyar Tu Hona Hi Tha

By Rohail Butt • Feb 7th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 3 Comments

PTI and PAT seem like zig-zag or Rukhsana-Durdana.

The cat is out of the box and so is the mouse. Qadri was sandwiched between Qureshi and Hashmi; all three oozing foam from their mouths against election commission. Both don’t have any representation in the assembly, yet PTI was on board during formation of this ECP, but now on signal from GHQ, they have opened fire.

The sponsored exhaustive media coverage for Tahir ul Qadri actually backfired. Due to 24/7 cameras and continuous talkshows, Qadri’s past and then conflicting present dented his credibility irreparably. That was the reason that PTI didn’t attend the Qadri sit-in. Otherwise the plan was that Imran and his twitter brigade would join the sit-in on third day.

But now as Imran party clearly see their defeat in the next elections, they are trying to delay it. Why all of a sudden ECP is not acceptable to PTI? Why all of a sudden a change of heart for Qadri? It’s unconstitutional to demand alteration in the ECP, and even if we go that way, it would only delay elections which would only make establishment happy.

The only way Imran can every become Prime Minister, Javed Hashmi CM of Punjab, and Qureshi deputy Prime Minister plus foreign minister is that establishment support them and give them some short cut. Qadri is also eying the religious ministry. So no wonder they all have joined hands.

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  1. PTI under IK is secret love affair of general shujah pasha and hyper qadri is illegitimately born under the custody of general ihtisham zameer so one should see how they come together to become force of 1+1 for coming elections.Poor qadri the fast forward version of JI is trying to juggle the political system as per demand of hidden gods of Pakistan.

  2. Last nail in the coffin of PTI :P


    There are some things that need to be considered before we comment upon Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri or Imran Khan. We all know that all the political parties ( excluding PTI ) will do anything in their power to grab the rule of Pakistan. Then how is it possible that any of the ruling party would let the elections to be held unless of course they have some tricks up their sleeves that they know would allow them to sweep in the coming elections and also their contentment over the election commission is the evidence of this.

    We all know that if someone wants to get a job of government, he needs either huge sum of money to bribe or an approach of someone too influential. Then please anyone tell me that if the chief election commissioner’s appointment is any different ….. Of course, it isn’t.

    All of us want a change of faces and a change of system, no one denies it but still we back the political parties who since their inception are continuously eating away Pakistan like termites.

    You do not have a right to criticize the one who has never been in power. We are responsible for what is happening in this country today because we never stood against the evil ruling elite and we oppose those who stand.

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