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Iftikhar Chaudhry Should Ban Foreign Assets of Leaders

By Ghazala Khan • May 23rd, 2010 • Category: Lead Story • 12 Comments

It’s simple. How could the civilian and military and journalists and judicial leaders could be really sincere and sympathetic with the Pakistan, when their homes, children, businesses and assets are out of the Pakistan. How could they be worried about the economic environment in the country, when all they are worried about is the impact of global recession in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Spain?

From President Zardari to Mian Nawaz Sharif, and from Asfand Yar Wali to Imran Khan everyone has safely tucked away their every important thing abroad. Pervez Musharraf, the former military dictator has also got a house in Abu Dhabi after getting a cold shoulder from his English masters. Chaudhry brothers are famous for their Southern Spain and other assets. Every notable leader has got foreign wealth.

Journalists, anchorpersons, judges, leading lawyers and establishment bigwigs are not behind from anyone and have also formed safe and secure nests in the foreign lands. It’s a routine that people in the position of clout plunder and then send away the looted money in foreign banks and businesses through frontmen and brokers. Hamesh Khan and Admiral Mansoor are just two of many such examples.

It is high time that the Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the chief justice of Pakistan should direct government to make a law that no judge, politician, journalist, general and bureaucrats will be allowed to have foreign asset. All the leaders should be made bring their assets back to the country. That is a magic wand to solve Pakistan’s almost all the problems.

Can he do that or will he do that?

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12 Responses »

  1. Very well written.

    In my opinion, even if foreign assets are banned, corrupt leaders will still find a way to accumulate looted wealth.

  2. First and foremost thing, any Pakistani wants from this man an apology to the nation on taking oath under PCO and then open the trial against himself and clear himself from the charges labelled against him in judicial reference by Pervez Musharraf.

    Then I would expect anything positive from him. What he said today that everything will be decided as per constitution even the sky explodes. It means Constitution is superior than the existance of Pakistan.
    What a stubborn man!

  3. So the people who work hard abroad and send remittance back home should stop it also ?
    There is nothing wrong if your wealth is earned through fair means.
    Stolen or looted wealth should be banned.
    It is a dangerous message that you are sending out so be careful in wording your thoughts.

  4. @Cheetah: What are you talking about? Did you even read the article?

  5. Hi Ghazala,
    It was found that Indian nationals hold in swiss banks alone about $ 1.5 Trillion dollars, the amount of money which can wipe out our entire foreing debt 5 times. I am not saying about Isle of man, Lichtenstein and ofcourse Dubai real estate.
    Infact our business leaders are blackmailed by american CIA, MI5 and ofcourse russian and Pakistani Intelligence agencies to work for them. That is why Dawood Ibrahim is a great asset for Pakistani intelligence.
    Thse guys can go to any length as the amount is huge and Iftiqhar the CJI of Pakistan cannot do anything. The only way is open clemency for all and is practical.

  6. @Johann

    I cannot expect from a person like you to propagate the idea of open clemency for those who are hell-bent to fill their coffers in foreign countries with illegitimate money.

  7. @Mohammad Yusha
    Oh it is an article, I thought I was following a blog… ass

  8. My point is that if you have legit money then there is no harm in investing overseas especially when local environment is hostile to investment.
    The whole of Kuwait govt runs on investments made overseas.
    Next in line King Walid of Saudi Arabia who owns majority shares of McDonalds is another example.

    If investments are made right it benificial as money flows back in…
    This is what I am talking about and yes I DID read the post……Think before reacting

  9. the question is not that can he do that the question is that is he going to do that.
    At times things look too lame to me and currently that time is on. The azad adlia still have to do what it fought for.

  10. What happened to BA degree requirement for the MNAs ?

  11. @Cheetah

    The author is not suggesting to ban or freeze the legit foreign asserts, she is implying to those asserts which have been acquired through illegitimate means.

    BTW, there is no comparison between King Walid and self-proclaimed King Zardari or his corrupt cronies whose acts of larceny is destroying our nation and country.

  12. Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Choudhry is already fighting to punish the devils of NRO rejected by Supreme Court & Govt. If he successfully gets all the devils jailed then he may be able to concentrate on this issue. Pakistani investor (industrialist & businessman) is mercilessly throwing 85%-90% of national wealth abroad at a regular pace thus making Pakistan a beggar. At the time of taxation Pakistan’s investor showing the govt 12-15% wealth in the bank & declaring himself bankrupt tries to get further exemption in the tax & is paying hardly 12% of tax he owes to the govt. The un recovered 88% is being charged from a common man in the shape of inflation being unjustly imposed on him. If the Chief Justice can work out a formula to stop any further transaction of national wealth abroad even that can save Pakistan from any big disaster.

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