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I have been Staying Nights with my Troops in Kargil Sector

By Uza Syed • Jun 30th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 8 Comments

Should former president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf be humiliated the way he is, should we watch in shameless silence when a great soldier is being victimized by selective justice to satisfy the mega egos of some small men like a CJ who was either honored or shamelessly self centered and immoral to take oath of his office not just once but three times.

Should the military and men in uniform allow their great Leader be disgraced by a few pigmies in the name of a sham democracy. Anyone in doubts about the courage and sense of loyalty and leadership by this great son of Pakistan must watch this couple of minutes and decide for her / himself.

Mr Pervez Musharraf, you are a true soldier, a soldier’s soldier, a leading General and a great President Pakistan ever had, Pakistan loves you for your dedication, your services, your courage and your sacrifices and above all for your love for Pakistan. Pakistan loves its beloved soldier son General Pervez Musharraf —–

I salute you sir!

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  1. Hi Uza,
    I can understand your patriotism flowing when a soldier goes to the front. In fact Genral Musharaff should have been allowed to contest in the recent elections is my view.
    But leading from front is different from creating a front to lead. Hope you understand the difference.
    Your nation has been paying a heavy price from the beginnng due to this malady of creating fronts to lead and get a lesson.this is what Gneral Ayub Khan did under operation gibralter.this is what Gen Yayah Khan and Gen Tikka khan did in 1971 and this what Gen Zia did for Americans in Jordan and in Afghanistan. You have to read your nations past history and how these fronts created to “lead from front” has cost your country.
    Now coming to Kargil, the great General Musharaff rfused to accept the dead bodies of his Northerfn Light infantry soldiers because when a Genral is defeated he just cannot stomach it and when his plans went wary.
    Can Indian Genrals cross LOC into Pakistan as he says it is not an International border?

  2. His complete words/thoughts are like that “I have been Staying Nights with my Troops in Kargil Sector, counting them so in meantime when I would utilise them I have to give compensation allowances to their families and calling them martyrs of nation who were ready to die on my dangerously stupid decision of starting Kargil war.Its good for me to visit at this time so that when they would die there I wouldn’t have to come to pick their dead flesh.So when India sleeps at mountain it is best time to check the quality of sacrificial goats of this nation.

  3. This murdood’s crime list is long, very long. Kargil wasn’t just another defeat for our military, it was the show stopper for peace in region, and in all likelihood, resolution of Kashmir initiating new era of peace and progress between two warring neighbors. But oh, if that would happen, how could Musharraf and his peers and successors would get plots?

  4. Should former president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf be humiliated………………Absolutely..he should be dragged in the streets…should be hanged publicly

    Enough said

  5. @4 why should we act like that.The sadistic regime of fanatics(talibanistaion) which was permitted to nurture in our soil by Musharraf like generals surely made people to think like that.But trust us there are very civilized options to handle evil characters like him.We only need will to implement these check and balance through power of law for powerful people and then see how justice would get its roots in our society.

  6. Well ours is the most civilized Religion of all…and there is very much a Provision for Public Execution….To make an example out of that so that others should be …ware..

  7. The civilized options implemented in So Called Civilized countries haven’t managed to stop atrocities…Or Have They?

  8. Kashif MahmoodTareen you are no less than an illiterate Mullah in a mohallah masjid. Evoking Islam without knowing what you are saying… Just because Islam has provision for Public Execution. You do not execute people, Taliban style, without due process (not in my Islam). Sad to say, but Pakistanis are never rational thinkers. They are driven by personal agendas, ethnicity, language, provincialism, etc. etc… Your hatred for Musharaff comes from that. Like the Chief Justice claims (but who is he to do it) that elections in the Punjab were fair, and really if they were, then you are the kind of voters who must have elected the rot that is ruling Pakistan again today! Enough said!

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