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I am Urdu Speaking….

By Sana Ali • Feb 9th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 27 Comments

Yes.. I am Urdu Speaking… And you may be punjabi , sindhi , pakhtoon, a christian ,a hindu or a sikh… Dont take me wrong its our Pakistan and its our qouta system where we take care of all the lingual, religious and ethnic groups.But what we dont care, is for those who actually fought at front for this beautiful country.

It was all smooth and fine till the day our top priority was Pakistan. And we were Pakistani only.But the bitter reality is our so called progressive nation do not want to realize that this deprived ethnic group atleast needs a recognition if not to be accepted socially or politically as a seperate ethnic group.

We have given so much to this country..our lives, our brilliant scientists, our artists, culture, cusinies and the list goes on… What we have got in return???? A QOUTA system after 1970??? where one can only get a seat in goverment sector if either he is punjabi, sindhi , balochi, pakhtoon , christian, hindu or sikh…. or A social mindset??? where one is explicitly being asked that are you urdu speaking ? in job interviews, about which they never get a feed back that why they are rejected? Because the manager will prefer a person from his own village…. or A blind eye to the fact that the language of this 7.5% of Pakistani population is a communication bridge all these asserting groups either on basis of ethnicity or on basis of religion.

We all should admit open mindedly that we all are Pakistani at first place… and later on if we like to be called and given privilgies on basis of our ancestral associations. Then Urdu Speakings have all the rights to be treated in the same manner. Rules of game should be same for everyone.

And if you dont want to be same then we all need to rethink, How much progressive we are? How much social equailty we like to proclaim? How much democratic we are ? How much we are taking care of civil rights? If we want to turn deaf ear to all this, atleast history will not….

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  1. sana ji what you have said is a deep rooted desire of everypakistani.but what this nation spearheaded by poor leaders often jested at as quarreling craftsmen cant come to terms with is a simple truth: we need a silent revolution of minds and not a massive shuffling of options as to who rules next.

  2. abay kiya bol riya hy,, urdu main bol ,,, urdu ki baat english main samejh nai aa ti

  3. So What if you are Urdu Speaking i am punjabi speaking and i got treated at the same manner.Why we all don’t think that we are Pakistani.Urdu is our national language and one should not hate this language but………….
    Honestly speaking whether urdu speaking once thought that they are Pakistani.Absolutely not.if they thinks like that then why other political parties not wins in Karachi.They proves that they are ethnic and stay as a ethnic not think broadly.and also urdu speaking lost their worth too.Quaid-e-Azam said about this nation that they are educated and they will play important role in thr progress of Pakistan.Have they???
    what their leader said in India about foundation of Pakistan??????
    Think and act like a Pakistani not Urdu speaking.
    There are some other comments too but i can’t write due to restrictions.
    after all i like urdu speaking and hope they act like true Pakistani not urdu speaking.

  4. Yes you are Urdu speaking therefore victim of this country.
    so complexed class
    Your party is controlling power politics of karachi for last 20 years and highest number of target killings are happening in this city where urdu speaking people in assemblies on national and provincial politics.
    Our last president and COAS also belong to Urdu speaking community.Before him Pak army had another COAS gen Aslam beig and both were promoted to this rank by pukhoon seniors and Punjabi politicians.So Musharraf was same person who left Pakistan after his longest tenure as a ruler and now enjoying luxurious living in west just like leadership of mqm.So if they both act cowardly and like thieves of Pakistan then it is fault of punjabi or pushtoo speaking people trying to save their lives from Mohjar action committee targeting any people who tried to stand against mqm.

  5. @ ayaz kolachi
    Indeed this is about mindset not the blood shed war like creating situations….

    @qazi zafar
    G bilkul durust fermaya app nay … Magar jo app ka andaz e bayan hai woh bhi tu Udru nahin…

    @Imrankhan and Nazia
    Kindly refer to second last paragraph of what I wrote… That we all are Pakistani at first place….
    Secondly if you are talking specifically about karachi .. then I think u need to revisit the history… 1984 is the birth time of that political shift in karachi you are talking about… Where as start of 1970 was the time when this QOUTA system was introduced…. so who started it first ??? And to add to your information Urdu speakings are not only in Karachi they belong to other cities of Pakistan…So kindly dont make it a political camoflaged debate… its purely matter of equality…

    And still if you like to take it on political grounds then I am no representative of MQM , PPP or PML … and target killing, terrorism .. all hurts me with same intensity whether it happens in Karachi or any other area of Pakistan… and to make it more clear to you did you ever notice? What government is ? a “Bhai chara game” in between PPP, PML and Armed Forces… This is how I see my Pakistani Gov…

  6. Wake up Nazia from your deep sleep. You are so ignorant of the fact that ISI chief Imtiaz billa has confessed that the story behind Jinnah pur was a conspiracy against MQM and he seek apologies from MQM for this act in front of the world.

    Moreover, only stupids can think that people who created Pakistan will ever think to destroy it. But of course people who wake up in the morning of 14th August 1947 with a glass of LASSI in their hands took it as a surprised news that Pakistan got independence; could really harm Pakistan with teir policies of eating Pakistan resources by themselves only and cornering other communities.

    By the way I am a Punjabi myself and joined MQM after Sarfraz Nawaz joining to the MQM.

    Remove the hate from your hearts and be open minded and start using your brains (if u got any)


    I know most of the Punjabis are jealous of MQM and scared that they will take over Punjab with their philosophy and ideology.
    Yhey know that if someone like Mustafa Kamal comes to Punjab he will change the shape of Punjab then what will happen to their BADMASHIs

  7. Muhajirs are simble of Pakistan,which devided into parts a harm game of Pakistani Army and beaurocracy,divided inocents peoples among different groups aimed to rule and hard grip on pakistani government,and make so differences between poor peoples who are the main power of country, from thier rights.It is no doubt QOUTA system is not solution of rights,that was only for few years plan which actualy ended in 1983,general ZIa extended it why ? and the diferences started from such period with a dangrouse planning to down pakistani image among the poor people through his touts,We all Love Pakistan because we poor peoples survive when Pakistan strong

  8. Punjabis are real pain in the Azz…

  9. It is wondered, you still call urself urdu speaking, why dont u call urself Sindhi? you living and earning in Sindh and u must be thankful to the people of Sindh who welcomed u in Sindh while Punjab did not accept u having said that this is not Pakistan but it is far. Even those some who settled in Punjab called themselves with Punjabis and mingled with indigenous people but here you people still not ready to accept the indigenous people of Sindh who welcomed u here.
    More over mqm clams representing urdu speaking while urdu speaking hardly are 20 to 23% but u know they enjoying 45% in sindh Govt.

    You are talking about quota, if you give the same civic amenities in Thar and remote of Sindh, no one will talk for quota, moreover student of karcahi enjoys all facilities in schooling but student of interior sindh survives with contaminated water and he is not given quality education so without quota system it was not possible to uplift the interior people of Sindh.

  10. Majis Maqssod,
    You are a proud punjabi then why are you demanding Saraiki sooba or bhawalpur sooba and why are you still speaking sariki aur hindko
    By the way it is you who called them urdu speaking or by other names and now they call thems;ves with the same name you get mirchi

  11. I live in USA and am from Karachi but I miss all of you. You don’t realize all of us are very nice people and are the same. May allah help us and make us brothers again. It is all economics and looting of natural resources if that improves then we will be content and will always be happy with each other. May Allah bring prosperity and happeness to all
    Pakisatan Zindabad

  12. Mr Daggahay
    I am giving you full respect by attaching word Mr with your choice ID
    I am only in deep sleep for 8 to 9 hrs and rest of time very active life style and use my all kind of senses god gifted me.
    You people have some good choices to prove your credibility ??like once you are inspired by Brigadier billa who is our convicted army officer, put behind bars for many years, have charges of corruption including money laundering and embezzlement of intelligence funds into accounts of his family like that.
    same is case of Sarfraz nawaz having low rated character whom you are using to get popularity.
    By the way he alos confessed that he had given money laden brief case to Altaf bhai too for creating mess in Karachi means he is right too under your criteria .
    People like you created Pakistan??
    You are complexed class of Pakistan and since 80s started behaving like problem child of Karachi due to booster supply from agencies.That was the period of start of political disturbance and dead bodies in sacs have started pouring in popualr grounds of Karachi.
    trust me it is none of my interest whether you are Punjabi and joined mqm later after seeing “very impressive” and” extra ordinary graceful personality” of Altaf hussain.
    why I Have hate about urdu speaking I have good social circle wit Urdu speaking and I directly know people who were close to Altaf hussain when he was living actively in Karachi and they are my real source of information about mqm and its activities.There is no difference of politico culture between
    Punjab and sindh or sindh and KPK all are doing corruption on their own basis only difference is deadly tactics of MQM for not withdrawing control on power politics of Karachi as it is their only political platform where they can get hold of major economical hub of Pakistan.
    ILets suppose I have little brain than yours then what it matters. Karachi conditions are obvious to all even who are blind and deaf. so obvious but all time MQM lives in state of denial.
    I would really give you bouquet of flowers if Altaf hussian lead a movement in Punjab by coming here not through telephonic speech.
    Keep your Mustaf Kamal for Karachi you need him more as hardly any other mqm leader showed some kind of hard working personality all are angry parrots of Altaf bhai .Roola zaida and and no faida for public of Karachi.Nothing impressive in their acts and dialogs.Activated all at once on the command from UK and when he wants all come to mute form.

  13. Unfortunately these Punjabies can not digest the development done in Karachi under Mustafa Kamal. Karachi earnes 70 % of the revenue, and punjab usurp it all, these punjabies have destroyed pakistan we lost half of pakistan because of their callousness. Punjab dominated armed forces are occupying land in pakistan. The Punjabi Nay has occupied more than 50o acres of prime land in Gawader and refuse to hand it over to Baluchistan government. I hope the people of pakistan wake up!!! Punjabies are jealous!!!!

  14. Sana, I genuinely want to know why do you think that rule of the game is not same for Urdu speaking? I am married to an Urdu speaking man, and he and this family are at top positions in bureaucracy, education, health, and even some in army. Why do you say that?

    Rule of games are only different for poor people in Pakistan. They are not different on ethnic basis.

  15. Why you wants tosend Mustafa Kamal to Punjab.What do you think he is an honest person. Absolutely not.I am an Auditor and i know that there was no audit being done by City District Govt. at the tenure of Mustafa Kamal for Four years.who know about his Attitute and personality. I know him and i also know that he was from poor family and now he have couple of Banglows and flat building in Karachi.from he got all this.he is the most corrupt person in the history of karachi bcause Mr. Musharraff open the bags of money infront of MQM for 12 may target killing.May Allah give courage to CJ and he make them accountable for all their sins.

  16. @ Majid Maqsood
    You are just talking about Sindh…. I am talking about whole Pakistan…and the difference you mentioned among urban sindh and rural sindh.. is same all over the urban and rural areas of Pakistan.. and this is not because of Urdu speaking… this comes from a “Feudal thought system”… where no one else can gain power through education or through empowerment… In cities situation is bit better because an individual has opportunities to find out ways to earn for himself.. but be it thar or be it a remote village near fateh jang… this discrimination is same….

    and secondly and most importantly thank you for welcoming us not only in sindh but in whole Pakistan with this word Muhajir or Urdu Speaking…. Not to show respect but to discriminate us that we dont not belong to this country…. and thank you once again for letting us know that even after 64 years you are still Sindhi, punjabi, pakhtoon or balochi and I am still urdu speaking…and thank you for silently accepting this that your provincial interests are far more important than Our Beloved PAKISTAN…

    @ Prof.Seema Khalid

    The answer lies in being adaptive…. when our ancestors migrated here we had to left our properties, our associations, our relationships and many other things which only an immigrant would have known… and when we arrived here we had to start it from zero… the only right way is to get education or utilizing a skill to earn something to make living….first generation passed by utilizing those skill they have had.. second generation is mostly learned because that was the best investment their elders would have done for them…And if in your Inlaws some one has made their ways to upper stream in different walks of life.. then the sole reason would be their Education… they would have earned it on merit like most of urdu speakings do… but when it come to QOUTA a punjabi , sindhi or balochi… then probability of getting on merit really becomes less.. so rule of game is not same…. undeserving person may get in because he best fit the QOUTA rule and deserving person may get out because he does not fall in criteria of QOUTA….
    And why i genuinely think i am urdu speaking and rules of game are not same because every one else has identity and the associated priviliges to enjoy but not for us … Equality should prevail….

    @ all

    This is not about having political say or not .. being human this is unjustified to treat similar people differently…. If we all are Pakistani … then why dont we have equal distribution of resources???

  17. Sana, its not clear to me what you are suggesting about Quota. Please write a separate article for that and we can discuss it there

  18. The problem today lies within the fact that corrupt rulers have led the masses against each other by creating hate and prejudice within our hearts and minds….splitting up into communal factions and religious sects has made us brittle as a nation and the foreign powers need no force to destroy pakistan..hence what i forsee is sudden self destruction in pakistan

  19. @ Nazia

    You are such a racist… I guess in your book every Urdu speaking Pakistani is a MQM member and is from Karachi. It is the people of your mindset that has dragged Pakistan into the gutters. Unless this racist Pakistani mindset changes, noting in Pakistan can change! Come out of it and think fast to save Pakistan!

  20. @ tahir

    This is why I wrote this article…. We all are Pakistanis and this should be our only identity…. I am contended to see that still we have youth who realizes this fact.

    @ Prof. Seema Khalid

    Sure I will definately write one…

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