I am Urdu Speaking….

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Yes.. I am Urdu Speaking… And you may be punjabi , sindhi , pakhtoon, a christian ,a hindu or a sikh… Dont take me wrong its our Pakistan and its our qouta system where we take care of all the lingual, religious and ethnic groups.But what we dont care, is for those who actually fought at front for this beautiful country.

It was all smooth and fine till the day our top priority was Pakistan. And we were Pakistani only.But the bitter reality is our so called progressive nation do not want to realize that this deprived ethnic group atleast needs a recognition if not to be accepted socially or politically as a seperate ethnic group.

We have given so much to this country..our lives, our brilliant scientists, our artists, culture, cusinies and the list goes on… What we have got in return???? A QOUTA system after 1970??? where one can only get a seat in goverment sector if either he is punjabi, sindhi , balochi, pakhtoon , christian, hindu or sikh…. or A social mindset??? where one is explicitly being asked that are you urdu speaking ? in job interviews, about which they never get a feed back that why they are rejected? Because the manager will prefer a person from his own village…. or A blind eye to the fact that the language of this 7.5% of Pakistani population is a communication bridge all these asserting groups either on basis of ethnicity or on basis of religion.

We all should admit open mindedly that we all are Pakistani at first place… and later on if we like to be called and given privilgies on basis of our ancestral associations. Then Urdu Speakings have all the rights to be treated in the same manner. Rules of game should be same for everyone.

And if you dont want to be same then we all need to rethink, How much progressive we are? How much social equailty we like to proclaim? How much democratic we are ? How much we are taking care of civil rights? If we want to turn deaf ear to all this, atleast history will not….

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