Human Smuggling in Pakistan

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The current incident in the Hazar Gunji area of Quetta city of Balochistan Province is just tip of the iceberg about the horrendous and wide scale human trafficking in the Pakistan. From all the provinces, not only the local people are shipped illegally to the Middle East, Europe, Australia and to Mexico but also the people from Afghanistan, Central Asian States and Iran also use Pakistan as transit to go across the seas.

Very few of them manage to reach their destinations. Most of them either die due to the suffocation in the containers, some of them die while trying to swim their way through the seas, or traversed their way through the deserts or some of them become victim of border police bullets. Some of them die with hunger, thirst or disease along the way and some just perish with fatigue.

In order to go to Dubai or Kuwait, the smugglers drop the illegal immigrants in the sea, 10 to 12 miles away from the coast of desert which is somewhat near to Dubai. The immigrants get a shock of their lives when they are told by the smugglers to jump and swim to the coast. Those who refuse are shot down instantly. Half of the people get drowned in the sea and dozens of them get shot down by the helicopters of coastal guards. Then those who dare to reach the coastal desert meet with the skeletons of those who reached earlier. Same sort of stories happened with the people who take their chances to go to other destinations in the search of better lives and future for themselves and mainly for their families.

There have occurred many instances in which the commission agents have cajoled with the people in Pakistan, especially in the remote areas. They take money of life earning of people, take them to any deserted coast in Balochistan and at night time board them on a launch. Then that launch travels for some hours in the sea and then just before dawn, they launch drops the aspirants to some other wild coast alongside Balochistan and agents tell people that they would have to walk for 3 hours from the coast to reach Dubai.

The recent incident in the Quetta in which more than 60 people died in the container due to suffocation is just a grim reminder as what is happening in the fatherland. The network of human smugglers is very strong and integrated in the Pakistan and they are present in every city and town. In the name of lucrative employment, colorful life, and dollars; these smugglers extort huge money from the people and then dump them in sea or in desert or in any foreign jail. Thousand of Pakistanis are dying with misery in the jails of Europe and Middle East and there is no hope for them.

Tell you what, if we work hard that much in our own country what we do abroad, we could earn much more and live with respect and regard with our own families. In foreign countries, Pakistanis live in a single small room with dozens of people, they eat very less and they spend nothing and they work round the clock. If they do that in Pakistan, they would be earning lots and lots of more and that is in their own country near to their dear ones.

There is nothing like home.

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