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Human Smuggling in Pakistan

By Ghazala Khan • Apr 7th, 2009 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 38 Comments

The current incident in the Hazar Gunji area of Quetta city of Balochistan Province is just tip of the iceberg about the horrendous and wide scale human trafficking in the Pakistan. From all the provinces, not only the local people are shipped illegally to the Middle East, Europe, Australia and to Mexico but also the people from Afghanistan, Central Asian States and Iran also use Pakistan as transit to go across the seas.

Very few of them manage to reach their destinations. Most of them either die due to the suffocation in the containers, some of them die while trying to swim their way through the seas, or traversed their way through the deserts or some of them become victim of border police bullets. Some of them die with hunger, thirst or disease along the way and some just perish with fatigue.

In order to go to Dubai or Kuwait, the smugglers drop the illegal immigrants in the sea, 10 to 12 miles away from the coast of desert which is somewhat near to Dubai. The immigrants get a shock of their lives when they are told by the smugglers to jump and swim to the coast. Those who refuse are shot down instantly. Half of the people get drowned in the sea and dozens of them get shot down by the helicopters of coastal guards. Then those who dare to reach the coastal desert meet with the skeletons of those who reached earlier. Same sort of stories happened with the people who take their chances to go to other destinations in the search of better lives and future for themselves and mainly for their families.

There have occurred many instances in which the commission agents have cajoled with the people in Pakistan, especially in the remote areas. They take money of life earning of people, take them to any deserted coast in Balochistan and at night time board them on a launch. Then that launch travels for some hours in the sea and then just before dawn, they launch drops the aspirants to some other wild coast alongside Balochistan and agents tell people that they would have to walk for 3 hours from the coast to reach Dubai.

The recent incident in the Quetta in which more than 60 people died in the container due to suffocation is just a grim reminder as what is happening in the fatherland. The network of human smugglers is very strong and integrated in the Pakistan and they are present in every city and town. In the name of lucrative employment, colorful life, and dollars; these smugglers extort huge money from the people and then dump them in sea or in desert or in any foreign jail. Thousand of Pakistanis are dying with misery in the jails of Europe and Middle East and there is no hope for them.

Tell you what, if we work hard that much in our own country what we do abroad, we could earn much more and live with respect and regard with our own families. In foreign countries, Pakistanis live in a single small room with dozens of people, they eat very less and they spend nothing and they work round the clock. If they do that in Pakistan, they would be earning lots and lots of more and that is in their own country near to their dear ones.

There is nothing like home.

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38 Responses »

  1. “”"”"”"”"Tell you what, if we work hard that much in our own country what we do abroad, we could earn much more and live with respect and regard with our own families. In foreign countries, Pakistanis live in a single small room with dozens of people, they eat very less and they spend nothing and they work round the clock. If they do that in Pakistan, they would be earning lots and lots of more and that is in their own country near to their dear ones.”"”"”"”"”‘

    1>>>>>Sister, what are the EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES available for those people in Pakistan????

    Plz throw some light on that aspect.

    2>>>>>> What about the remittances EARNED BY PAKISTAN from these workers??????

    Surely YOU DONT mind the dollars……… u??

  2. The BASIC POINT is Human trafficking happens becoz of LACK OF EMPLOYMENT opportunities at home countries.

    >>>>>By the how did you get so much DETAILED KNOWLEDGE about human traffickers and THEIR ROUTES???

    Just curious about your sources.

  3. Should be:

    >>By the way, how did you get so much DETAILED KNOWLEDGE about human traffickers and THEIR ROUTES???


  4. she is a wasted soul had nothing else to write

  5. Lady Ghazala Khan
    Purani Kahani, nia andaz

    The Human Smugglers sell you a dream, if you make its real.
    The girl of your choice, money, respect amongst relatives, friends and foe.
    if you don’t make it, life itself was not worth living any way. Face it its a reality for many in Pakistan
    Gadi Toyota leni
    Korian day pah peeni
    Jaldi jana chaida
    Aj mano mill gia visa Dubai da

  6. @ Indian: Your question reminds me somewhat of the people who predict that Pakistan is about to breakup in 6 months or so. Actually these guys don’t have a clue as how resilient and vibrant the Pakistani life is and how much potential there is. It’s not that every street corner suicide attack are happening and bombs are blasting and firing is underway and blood is the order of the day.

    Sure, there are problems, grave problems but even then the human survival instinct is the most strong here. Most of the Pakistanis who go to abroad work as taxi drivers, waiters, dish washers, cleaners, and performs other such not-so-white-collar-tasks. They change their hats in 24 hours, by becoming taxi driver at night and dish washer at daytime or hawker in morning.

    If they do that in Pakistan, they would be earning much respectable income if not that equivalent, with proper food, clothes and above all respect in society while living with their family.

  7. Dear Ghazala

    i am surprised at your reply.i never said or questioned the “resilience and vibrancy” of the Pakistani life.
    i also never said Pakistan will break up soon.

    Plz tell me WHY PEOPLE go abroad looking for menial jobs legally or illegally????
    WHY PEOPLE leave their families to go abroad??

    This happens only when there is a LACK OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES in home countries.

    India too faces the problem of human trafficking.

    We need to improve employment opportunities in our countries……..

    By the way, do you know these guys sends BILLIONS OF DOLLARS as remittances to Pakistan???

  8. Vow! Lady of desire with her one time long awaited glimpser and carry away speech. Hats off

    Have your say similarly by saying @dr RazaHaider or comment no 8.

    These precious words would be freeze and would and shall be kept for further aspiration as respiration. Regards

  9. @indians

    This is RAW and India behind.

    All ifs and buts in pakistan means India behind and RAW as dirt.

  10. Pakistan is a practical place as documented in theory of evolution.

  11. Dear Ghazala,

    a very serious problem you have pointed out………and unfortunately it highlights another problem a much bigger problem….the free movement of conatiners along the pak afghan borders

    it just shows there was simply no-one to check what is comming and what is going out of the country……….this one got caught……but what about the ones that got away………

    how do we know these unchecked containers do not bring the arms to support the insurgency in baluchistan and FATA……..

    where are the fighters in these areas getting their arms from ?

    the answer is simple

    who is sending them ?

    the answer is again very simple

    Best Regards

  12. Hahahahahhahhahahhahahhahha………good joke Raza boy.

  13. My dear Muhammad Ali Sajjad,

    Ajmal kasab like characters are also going out from such routes.

    Its alarming.

  14. Ghazala,

    Good article. Grave realities that people in power should look at. But I do agree with Indian on few points. There needs to be employment opportunities for these people in there home country, if they have that they will not leave for places outside.

    Also to the point that you made that the people who go out become taxi drivers, waiters, etc. not-so-white-collar-jobs, who are the people who go out, they are mostly from villages. They don’t have education, then who is going to offer them white-collar-jobs once they land in that country.

    Also on your point that if these people work the same way in their own country they will get money may not be that much as they would in foreign country. But what about the inflation which was as high as 25%. The person will not be able to sustain that pressure. Also if you ask these same people to take up these jobs in Pakistan itself majority of them will not do that. They will see it as their ego is going to get hurt because of that, but they are ready to do this work outside as no one is going to see them there.

    Pakistan breaking in 6 months or drowning is just a analyst prediction, it may happen it may not, but the point that article shows that the problem that Pakistan is facing is very big and everyone needs to work towards that to eliminate it.

    Hope you understand the last point.

  15. @Incredible and Adi: With due respect, I don’t agree that people just go abroad because they don’t find employment back at home. Set aside the poor and uneducated villagers, even the educated urban people are simply mad about going abroad. Green Card, immigration to different countries hold a gold lure for them. People are even ready to leave their current jobs to go abroad. Why? Because that is what human greed is. Very few of them go because they don’t for the life of them find jobs or chances at their homelands.

    They are sending dollars, very well. But my point is that instead of running after the dollars, pounds, riyals, denars, Pakistanis should strive their guts off for the Rupees. Same people who don’t work hard here, who doesn’t care for the traffic signals or laws and other ethics become exemplary citizens in UK, USA and KSA. To become rich overnight is the dream of overwhelming majority but that only leads to misery and frustration.

    @ Dr. Raza Haider: If by simply mentioning you gives you such a joy, then why not. Shall I do it again?

    @ Sajjad: Your angle is very much worthy of attention.

  16. Ghazala
    this crime cant be done without help of local,administration, parliamentarians, FIA and police staff .Criminals justified such acts by calling it help of deprived people who at their homeland are facing threat of war, hunger or unemployment.It was one of brutal act of money making business in border areas.Our present interior minister rehman mailk had also debuted his money business through this human smuggling when he was FIA employee.So I am sure in his presence no one ever dare to catch the real culprits of the ruthless crime .Musthaq victor another minister of musharf era was also found guilty of that but easily got clear chit of innocence from his same village friend rehman malik.

  17. Dear Ghazala ……..Thank you very much for your kind reply.

    You said:
    “”"”"”"even the educated urban people are simply mad about going abroad.”"”"”‘

    Is not that NATURAL??

    Suppose u are a BRILLIANT computer engineer, and where will u want to work??
    In some third world company with less pay………OR….at the MICROSOFT in USA????
    Of course in MICROSOFT with great salary and lots of opportunities.

    There is ALSO something called “UNDER-EMPLOYMENT”………which means “”employment where you cannot fullfill your potential due to lack of oppourtunities”".

    Also a great standard of living in foreign countries.

    These are the reasons why educated folks move abroad……..

    SOLUTION:: Invite MICROSOFT to invest in Pakistan…….then u will find the same guy working in Pakistan with almost equal pay and opportunities.

    >>We, in india faced almost similar situations FOR 50 YEARS………MILLIONS OF EDUCATED INDIANS WENT ABROAD……..but all that has changed in recent years.

    In the year 2007……70,000 INDIANS living abroad returned to India bcoz opportunities are increasing.

    >>>>>>SAME can happen in Pakistan provided u guys create better opportunities.


    You have written:

    “”"”"”Same people who don’t work hard here, who doesn’t care for the traffic signals or laws and other ethics become exemplary citizens in UK, USA and KSA”"”"”"”"

    They DONT “”become exemplary citizens”".

    Tough laws (including tough punishments for law breakers) DO THE TRICK.

    Bcoz in UK, USA anybody breaking traffic rules will have to pay heavy fines including jail terms.

    But thats NOT THE CASE in south asia.

    The problem in South Asia(including India and Pakistan) is the LAW AND ORDER situation.

  18. Also people here know they can GET AWAY by breaking laws.

    Thats not the case in foreign countries.

  19. Yes dear.

    It does give me pleasure.

    It soothes my mind and soul

    As a matter of fact it’s all how you perceive and indulge your self.

    I do enjoy it.

    There should be no doubt.

    Imaging you writing my name; grandeur me to the level of exotic journey since I am sure; such writing as few words must cordon you for a moment with my thought; though for a few second.

    What else one can grab from a lady with magnificent perceived image as personality other than this perception as obsession as been floated by me.

    Miss Ghazala people can not dare but only when they are occupied as preoccupied.

    What you write is your gathered information hence your observation as backup; in lieu of your experiences.

    Any thing that one writes: need to be focused for a while atleast hence; to transform in to words that may express your thought.

    It’s the same glimpse of preoccupation of your mind so to write my name as attention; that soothes my mind as aspiration.

    Please say it once more. Regards

  20. Ghazala,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The point is people who go out the educated class as well do this cos they are not satisfied with what they are getting. When the home country is not providing the necessary things then they look for things outside.

    I have cases in my own family were people have shifted to other country for work earlier and now they don’t want to come back. When they moved out for work the education that they had taken was new in India and also no jobs for their qualification. Now those same jobs are their in India but time has gone as they are not willing to come back because of the facilities that they get over there.

    Also it depends upon other things. In US or UK you are forced to follow religious duties, no one is going to come and force you to say prayer or namaz or anything like that, when a person feels comfortable with these things he or she does not people forcing them to do that. In many Muslim countries people are forced to follow prayers, in India you are forced to pray but on festivals few people get annoyed due to kiosk as they don’t like that now. These are a few things that we need to understand.

    When you provide people with a bit of liberty to follow there own wish they feel comfortable. You might have a child at home, if you force him to do something he or she may or may not do it. But if you give him a bit of freedom and ask him to do that he or she will do it.

    I always say religion is ones personal matter, it should not be discussed in forums or meetings as any other topic. It is should be kept that way for sake of people as that makes things simpler.

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