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Humaira Arshad Scandal : Effort to Get Fame

By Sharafat • Oct 8th, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 6 Comments

The bollywood actress Meera has got enough media limelight with her marriage scandal and has enjoyed a month long fame at the T.V channels and has been covered thoroughly and as nothing new is happening in that front, she has gone to the back burner, but as she fades away, Humaira Arshad appears on the scene.

Humaira Arshad, an attractive singer from Lahore, who is also famous for singing and dancing in the private parties has found herself in the limelight as she went to the chief minister secretariat and two officers started fighting with each other to get the case of the dame. The dame was dumbfounded as how to appease her fans, and the result was that her problem was forgotten and a new theater was witnessed at the officer where two chaps competed with each other over Humaira.

Humaira has got her first glimpse of the media and as the Kerry-Lugar bill looses its touch, she will be on the radar.

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  1. Both meera and humera know that sharif has very delicate heart for our media ladies and he cant say no to like the era of sheikh rashid now all Punjabi lady singers and actors have become very active to get the real help from this khadem alla in their difficult time.

  2. Moods of society , reflect the likings of Leadership. When Ayub khan palyed a lot of golf,the our gentry went the golf way, Now it is entertainemnt, be it the tamasha’s of Kashmala,the credit card MP,sherry rehman .There will always be an helping hand of powerfull people. When physical beauty is prefered to talent and virtue.

  3. Physical beauty is first sight capturing moments for all genders and surely has an edge to get the public attention more than ordinary look.
    After fulfilling the requirement of lovely sight then human brain starts working to think in some other dimensions.Here the problem sticks for people who have no or lesser brains so their life start revolving around beauty only as they can only listen voice of heart for judging people.
    Crash occurs when beauty turns to be beast and this happens in the case of meera and women like her who is trained to use her beauty to conquer the world of big heart rich people.For whole world meera might be beauty queen but for attiqs now she is not more than a beastly character.

  4. i disagree that humaira dances in private parties as into these things i have never heard or seen her doing this
    I guess our male hormones & adrenalin makes us write such stuff wen we fantasize abt things

  5. Humaira Arshad’s case is rather boring compared to Meera’s.

    As soon as Meera said “Mere Wajood Paak hai”………… a group of 6 ppl in the room burst out laughing and one poor guy fell off the Sofa !

    Humaira should come up with something original too.

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