How I Became Girl in Wah Cantt ? Hazro Wali Tells Her Story

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One of reader has graciously sent this stunning and eye-opening story from the small town of Wah Cantt in North Punjab. Lets hear this story from the tongue of the Wah Cantt girl herself: Hazro was my village. It’s a backward area in Chuch region at the border of Punjab and NWFP. Though people are rich because most of them live in UK and send money back but the level of education is dismal.

We were a rare specie in Hazro because no one from our family lived in UK, and our only source of income was a little piece of land cultivated by my ailing father. We were family of nine with 5 sisters and two brothers. One brother died of pneumonia and other other ran away from home after doing matric and never returned.

Things were tight and we hardly get to eat one time a day. There was no chance of any medication for the parents and there was no question of education for us five sisters, but everyone was contended except me. I daily watched other people like me in village living on UK money with lavish. As I grew up and reached the age of 13, I yearned for good clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, living in good houses and eating belly full. Then Ashraf came into my life.

Ashraf like many other boys of village did nothing but to roam and enjoy the pounds which his brother sent from England. He somehow approached me and gave me a gift of bangles and said that he wanted a friendship and I was like waiting for this moment. We started meeting in the fields, where one day Ashraf kized me. I put up no resistance. At the end of rendezvous he gave me Rs. 500 asking me to buy any gift I liked and I was elated.

I started waiting for the meetings. One day in hot summer noon when the whole village was sleeping I and To be honest, I was afraid but I also started to enjoy. My tender mind wasn’t really ready to decide as what was wrong and right.

I ddn’t know at that time that this is the oldest profession in the world. I was just happy to have the money. Then one day, things got more changed and I learned a lesson.

Then after some months Ashraf went to England and I got jobless. My family then migrated to a city called Wah Cantt which is some 40 miles from Hazro. It was the city of educated people and working class. My father started a small watch shop there. Earnings were meager and we hardly manage to pay the rent of house and eat. I had seen the money and knew the power of it and I wanted it. At one night I was roaming on my roof, when I saw the neighboring uncle eying me. I recognized the gaze at once. I knew when there was a hunt now. I smiled back and that was all uncle needed. He approached the dividing wall and said to me that how was I and he often saw me roaming and he liked me etc. Uncle seemed desperate as I was desperate for money.

Uncle was very generous. He met me almost daily and gave away 1000 or any precious gift daily .

Our society’s plight is this.

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