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How I Became Girl in Wah Cantt ? Hazro Wali Tells Her Story

By Amna Gilani • Jan 12th, 2011 • Category: Misc, Politics (Urdu) • 54 Comments

One of reader has graciously sent this stunning and eye-opening story from the small town of Wah Cantt in North Punjab. Lets hear this story from the tongue of the Wah Cantt girl herself: Hazro was my village. It’s a backward area in Chuch region at the border of Punjab and NWFP. Though people are rich because most of them live in UK and send money back but the level of education is dismal.

We were a rare specie in Hazro because no one from our family lived in UK, and our only source of income was a little piece of land cultivated by my ailing father. We were family of nine with 5 sisters and two brothers. One brother died of pneumonia and other other ran away from home after doing matric and never returned.

Things were tight and we hardly get to eat one time a day. There was no chance of any medication for the parents and there was no question of education for us five sisters, but everyone was contended except me. I daily watched other people like me in village living on UK money with lavish. As I grew up and reached the age of 13, I yearned for good clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, living in good houses and eating belly full. Then Ashraf came into my life.

Ashraf like many other boys of village did nothing but to roam and enjoy the pounds which his brother sent from England. He somehow approached me and gave me a gift of bangles and said that he wanted a friendship and I was like waiting for this moment. We started meeting in the fields, where one day Ashraf kized me. I put up no resistance. At the end of rendezvous he gave me Rs. 500 asking me to buy any gift I liked and I was elated.

I started waiting for the meetings. One day in hot summer noon when the whole village was sleeping I and To be honest, I was afraid but I also started to enjoy. My tender mind wasn’t really ready to decide as what was wrong and right.

I ddn’t know at that time that this is the oldest profession in the world. I was just happy to have the money. Then one day, things got more changed and I learned a lesson.

Then after some months Ashraf went to England and I got jobless. My family then migrated to a city called Wah Cantt which is some 40 miles from Hazro. It was the city of educated people and working class. My father started a small watch shop there. Earnings were meager and we hardly manage to pay the rent of house and eat. I had seen the money and knew the power of it and I wanted it. At one night I was roaming on my roof, when I saw the neighboring uncle eying me. I recognized the gaze at once. I knew when there was a hunt now. I smiled back and that was all uncle needed. He approached the dividing wall and said to me that how was I and he often saw me roaming and he liked me etc. Uncle seemed desperate as I was desperate for money.

Uncle was very generous. He met me almost daily and gave away 1000 or any precious gift daily .

Our society’s plight is this.

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  1. Wow Amna - you’ve really lowered yourself today.

    ….so we have a call girl who actually surfs the internet(!) and reads TPS on a regular basis…she read your request and provided you a very detailed account of how she became a call girl - although she and her family cannot afford an education and she is uneducated….are you sure???

    Amna - stop making stories up….your stories just enhance anf reinforce filth within society.

  2. @observer: last lines are very appropriate.

    @anon: Stop making wild allegations. I never said that the call girl sent me this story. Read my previous post about this series.

  3. Not only is the girl poor from around Wah she speaks in calfornian Valley speak and has remarkable business acumen, turning into a successful pr@stitute without a pimp. Its common knowledge that anywhere in the world a call girl needs an agent. Amna Gilani, even if you havnt made up the story yourself please do verify whatever sordid sleazy tales your undying legion of hormonal fans send you

  4. @Mehnat ker hasad na Ker: It seems you also haven’t read my previous post. Let me make it clear. Stroes are either being collected by me, or sent to me by readers. Mostly they are in Urdu. I then write those stories in English.

  5. Dear AMNA this is my sincere advise to you that you choose some other sites where your filthy and vulgar thoughts will be appreciated I am sure.
    This blog site I hope that the persons from 15 to 55 years old reading and want to know our social issues they not need the story writer like you. Your this blog and some previous blogs also proved your mental sickness.

    I also request the readers who want to read a real social issues approach the admin of TPS and advise them to block the AMNA GILANI and also request to Admin that they must check the blogs randomly and individually.


  6. @Amir: Are you kidding or just criticizing for the sake it? You don’t think that the prostitution is not a social issue? Come on. We have to expose the filth in our society so that it could be cleaned up. We cannot play hypocrite anymore. With rising poverty, this menace is increasing.

  7. Dear Amna
    I agree with you and I am not against your Idea but I opposed the writing style and detail which you described in your blogs this is not good for reader You just mention the story but the detail is not necessary I think.

  8. @Amir: I also respect your views, but honestly my intentions are to raise this issue and believe me if I write just two boring lines, no body would read it or comment it or even remember it. I hope you would understand.

  9. Amna, you didn’t read the comment right. Assuming you didnt make up the story, isnt it your duty to verify the story before you post the seedy details up?

  10. What if i made up a sleazy story about a hapless lil lass victimsed by the big bad wolf, and send it to you from an Chances are u might publish it before verifying it

  11. sarah

    i think u should be ashamed of being a woman rather than a citizen of humanity. What this story describes is the lowest filth in society driven by greed for money. The only one thing that people have is their shame, their dignity meaning their body which from the age of a toddler you are told to keep private at ALL costs whether in the bedroom, bathroom, at the doctors or anywhere. This girl clearly was not taught that and sold herself for money, even when her boyfriends friend exposed her boyfriend. hp Its not as simple as demand exists so supply. If there was no supply, then demand would fall correct? Yes men are b@@@@@@@ but women are absolute b@@@@@@ too. The neighbour, the police incident, the owning of 5 girls point to a girl happy with her life-chasing money.

    A decent person would starve rather than let perverts and low life’s touch her and take her privacy. And she was’nt starving in this case.

    As for Amna, she is part of the filth. Rather than put a true, meaningful story here, she opts for glory and readership.

  12. “If the door is closed from INSIDE, no one can open it from OUTSIDE.”

  13. Irrespective of whatever Amna wrote is right or wrong!!

    I think the missing point is the population growth nad ignorance of its after affects at both government and public levels.
    If her father had a few children rather than 9 or 10; he might thought of their social and moral values but alas….the stories originated from population related problems are linked to every second house in Pakistan

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  15. Ya Allah! Hum sub ko hedayet se nawaz aur humein apnay nafson pe kaabu rakhnay ki tofeek ata farma.
    Doodh ka dhula koi nahi hota, her ik se zindagi k kisi na kisi mor pe koi na koi gunah ho hi jata hai, acha insan wo hai jo us galti se sabak hasil karay aur mazeed us burai se ijtinaab karay. Personaly, I don’t have any grudges for you, Miss. Writer.. But jus a piece of advice, you must quit this profession on the first instance.. plead to God Almighty for His forgiveness & kindness.. Come back to your religion, this way you’ll be doing the greatest good you could ever do to the society.. An uncle of mine says, dunya mein islaah phelana acha kaam hai, sub se bari islaah hai k her insan BUS AIK insan ko theek kar de, AUR WO INSAN HAI AP KI APNI ZAAT!
    Stop worryin for rest of the society for the time being & jus think about yourself.. Quit this field for good.. U’ll be as respectable as any other pious girl once you’ve submitted yourself to Allah.. & trust me you won’t be disappointed..
    I ain’t a mulaah, neither do I have a beard, na hi koi tablegh kar ra hu.. I’m jus another guy from this society, a chartered accountant.. But I’ve got a firm believe in God’s love.. ALLAH BOHAT PYAAR KARTA HAI APNI MAKHLOOK SE.. US SE MUAFI MANG K USI SE SHARE KARO APNE SUB GHAM, WO KHUSHYON SE DAMAN BHAR DE GA!

  16. amna

    like ur views try to call me on 03005601358 then share my views to u,

  17. Dear
    I do not want to know if your stroy is write or wron but my question if you would like to live like a normal woman and not like a dirty dead fis , please contect me otherwise you have already enough experience
    I m here in Austria, ears ago was working in Haripur hazara in telephonr industries wil wait for your answer
    wish you all the best

  18. iam muhammad suiddique from jamal din wali mobil no 03002846299

  19. hello amna
    u doing well
    but dont u think these stories r much comon in our surroundings
    try to give suggestions to polish the society

  20. what will u do wd her akhter bhai

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