Hot Pics of Hot Girls in Pakistan on Mobile Phone Campaigns Mania

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Telecommunication companies in Pakistan are reaping super profits. They have installed the infrastructure, sharing the poles and the equipment and they have paid the requisite bribes, and all they are doing now is amassing super profits. Why they are now resorting to shameful tactics to entice the Pakistani youth?

Just look at their advertisements and you would think that Pakistani boys have nothing to do in life but to chat away day in and day out with the girls. It seems that the Pakistani girls are just out there to get trapped by the girls. Look at the see through dresses of the girls and look at the way these ads are encouraging friendship with the girls of boys.

Sharing of pictures of girls and making them a hot symbol is what these companies are doing. They are placing young and pretty girls in their ads who are willing to do friendship just because the boy has the best package in the market and the boy can send them unlimited sms and the boy can afford to talk throughout the night and theĀ  boy can share the easy load.

Now boys are sharing mobile numbers and pics of the girls. They are titling these pics as hot karachi girls and hot pics of lahore girls and blah blah and just shooting blind emails. What the heck? What the crap is this?

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