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Hot Mujra of Lahore College Girls in Stage Drama

By • Jul 31st, 2010 • Category: Misc • One Response

Though Punjab government banned the stage dramas in Lahore because they tend to be presenting obnoxious dramas with lewd and dirty dances and dirty dialogues, but it seems that after all these months, things have become filthy again.

I have received an email by a reader, who says that he went to see drama in Lahore in a very famous drama theater few weeks back and was horrified to see that drama was centered around a college girl who wanted to learn dance to enter in the lollywood, and then she was shown to be learning dance and during that she was targeted by some very dirty remarks by the fellow actors and she responded also in very dirty language and then there were lots of dirty mujras in short clothes.

That trend should be checked if that is the case, and the ban should be strictly observe. In the name of entertainment, these sort of things cannot be allowed.

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