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Honour Killings

By • Oct 23rd, 2011 • Category: Mystic Matters, Worth A Second Look • 6 Comments

Warning: Gruesome Images


Honour killings is perhaps the most despicable crime out there. In the name of so called honour, women are killed by their own brothers, fathers, uncles, husbands, and in some cases, even mothers. The reasons for killing range from, refusing to enter an arranged marriage, asking for a divorce, marrying according to their own wish, fornicating, and even getting raped.


I want to ask, what honour do men gain from killing their own sisters and daughters? To go along with sick, twisted, and demented customs, where a woman is an object, a slave rather. And this is why they are killed? What an honourable thing to do. Tens of thousands of women are killed every year in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Western countries (by immigrants) in the name of honour.

A woman’s marriage is her own business, not anyone else’s. Even in Islam, a father has to seek his daughter’s permission before marrying her off. As for fornicating, no law says that she can be killed. And killing women for getting raped. How moronic. The height of idiocy is killing women because they ask for a divorce from abusive husbands. This is a society that is okay with men abusing their wives, but does not tolerate a woman asking for divorce.

Isn’t it hypocrisy that men get away with fonicating, and many who commit honour killings are fornicators themsleves. Another thing is, there are so many names derogatory names in Hindi/Urdu for women who fornicate. Is there any derogatory name for men who indulge in the same act?



While I have given some reasons in the opening paragraph for honour killings, there have been some bizarre murders that I do not know in which category to put in. A man in Saudi Arabia killed his wife for chatting with a man on Facebook, a woman in Turkey was murdered by her husband for dreaming that she had betrayed her husband, a girl in Pakistan was poured acid upon by her grand father because she wore make-up, a woman in Jordan was slaughtered for chatting with a guy on MSN, a girl in Turkey was buried alive for talking to boys, and women all over being stoned or lashed to death for fornicating or getting raped is common.

What answer will these murderers give Allah SWT on the day of judgement?


Islam says that killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity. But that does not ring a bell in the ears of people who kill in the name of so called honour. These beasts should also know that Islam says that men are the protectors of women (not their killers).

nullOne of the worst cases was of 17 year old Iraqi girl Dua Khalil (pic right), who was stoned, kicked, and beaten in public for 30 minutes until she died. Police was right there and did not do anything. The worst part was the way the crowd jeered and laughed, and recorded the brutal incident on their cell phone as though it was something to celebrate. Her dead body was then tied to a car and dragged through the streets of Iraq. Autopsy revealed that she was a virgin.



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