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History of Media in Pakistan

By Bilal Naseer Khanzada • Mar 15th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 7 Comments

When we talk about media, we must know its history. Media history is based on PRINT media or we can say that it is the oldest media of mass communication.

Greater masses can abstract the information after its emergence. They allow reader to control exposure.

In the beginning (1947), Pakistan started a weak press with very little rules and regulations (very few news). Not a single newspaper was published in East Pakistan and Baluchistan, but in the NWFP (now Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa) had two daily newspapers. These newspapers were owned by Muslims who had migrated to Pakistan. Including Daily Azad and Moring news (shifted to Dhaka), Jang, dawn and anjam (in Karachi)

After Pakistan came in to his existence, a number of newspapers were published, but due to financial problems and many other reasons, they did not continue their publication such as ROSHNI, INQALAB and MUSALMAN.

English press was not so strong at that time due to problems like lack of education and development. Not a single daily had been published from the area of East Pakistan from 1947 to 1971.

The first news agency was APP (Associated Press of Pakistan). It was established in 1947. It was a private news agency since 1947 to 1961. Government took its control on 1961 by an ordinance.

Except APP, there are six more agencies in Pakistan: PPI (Pakistan Press International) 1968, PA (Pakistan Agency) 1992, UNA (United news agency) and NNI (News Network International) 1992.

With the passage of time the role of media is increasing day by day.

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  1. This is a nice topic and informative.

  2. all dear, I have heard that most of newspapers get news from news agencies who have news. Is anybody can tell me what are those news agencies. their website?

  3. Well the famous one “APP”
    AFP (Agency France Press) and thr are many of them.

  4. well my dear,that’s a point-able speech ,Young generation will have to think on it…

  5. Our media and especially electronic media need to have a fresh look on its modus operandi for the coverage of terrorist organizations and their activities. As a responsible organ of the state, national interests should always remain their prime concern. Journalist being educated and highly aware segment of the society must exhibit higher degree of responsibility. They are not only forming opinion about present politico-social environment but are also shaping outlook of future generations of Pakistan. Their conduct should always remain above board; otherwise they will not be able to highlight the ills of the society and would be blamed for transcending from being reporter to themselves becoming part of the story. It is the responsibility of every single individual affiliated with the media to curb sensationalism and to avoid becoming a propaganda tool in the hands of people and organizations having vested interests. We need to take up this issue as our individual and national responsibility. We owe it to our future generations.

  6. Today, Pakistan is facing troubled times where people are dying of terrorism around the country. In a conflict ridden country media responsibilities are become doubled, here journalists have two roles; reporting role and a non reporting role. The reporting role of a journalist revolves around bringing true facts and democratic opinion to the public. And the non reporting role of a journalist revolves around using his/her stories to impart a message of tolerance, peace and harmony. The opinion of a journalist should be inspiring not only in keeping social harmony, but also in achieving democratic national development at the same time, in present circumstances. Pakistan is a Federation, comprises numerous diverse cultures and religious minorities, so media also pay attention to ethnic and religious as well as professional consideration in its work.

  7. very good informatyion for the students thanks.

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