Haroon Rasheed, Columnist Shamelessly Hurls Mud At Nawaz Sharif

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If Imran Khan is an epitome of arrogance and pride, his crony Haroon Rashid is the embodiment of the same. I have been observing the man in TV talkshows and have met him multiple times during flight from Lahore to Islamabad and have found him utterly unpleasant and egoist person.

Haroon Rashid’s urdu columns are nothing but reflection of his own personal vested interests. Lately, as the Nawaz Sharif, the head of PML-N and the most popular leader in Pakistan (Like it or not) has fallen ill and is under intensive care after heart surgery, the vultures like Haroon Rasheed are out and hoping that perhaps they would find some space now.

It seems Haroon Rasheed is hoping that Imran Khan would become Prime Minister and he would become the President of Pakistan. After all when Zardari can become the president, then why not Haroon Rasheed? Well both have forgotten their stance against PML-Q and MQM and even PPP, and are just after PML-N, just because its leader is ill?

Vultures will be disappointed, I am sure.

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