Harms of Black Magic

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Black magic is actually a negative use of energies. It is done by jealous people who have malicious intentions towards others. Their main objective is to harm others by depriving them of prized possession generally, may it be wealth, prosperity or something else. It can also lead to influencing them to do something wrong. It is an evil cycle and its impacts are really alarming.

All of us are quite familiar with this term. This essentially involves the use of evil spirits to fulfill one’s wishes whether good or bad. The fake pirs and amils charge hefty amounts from people who come to them

Its use is basically related with harming or hurting other people. It can be done from a far off place, even at thousands of miles away. Mainly the factors of avarice, gluttony, jealousy, frustration and selfishness are responsible for motivating other person to take resort of such evil practices. He is actually unable to accept other people’s happiness. It is also very unfortunate fact that black magic has become a very common way of displaying the feelings of revenge the jealous person harbours towards others. This problem has gained much boost in the last few years. It has caused many innocent people to suffer because of it. Mostly they do not know such tantrums by others .Normally these are jealous friends or relatives or may be neighbours, they are close people whom one trusts a lot. It has caused the ruin of many happy people. Whom should we trust? All of us feel insecure. We live in an age of mutual distrust.

Black magic in the recent era has adopted the status of a common phenomenon. One feels surprised that in such an advanced age of science and technology people still fall an easy prey to such temptations

Our surprise knows no bounds when we come to terms that even highly educated people believe in such things and leave no stone unturned to oblige their wishes. Well this is really a very sensitive issue and its impacts are highly alarming as it disrupts the basic fabric of a society and creates bad blood among people. But have you tried to go and look for the real issues. One such aspect is the fact that most of the times these fake pirs get an access to the secrets of the people and then they afterwards blackmail them. These people often tell them things which, if revealed, can threaten and mar their reputes.

The black magic practice is a slap on the face of a civilized society inhabitants as there is simply no space for such absurdities.

Black magic makes a person unable to think with clarity and with sanity. He loses the thinking capacity. Sometimes it leads to very disastrous consequences, serious illness or even death of the person. Or the person on whom the spell is cast feels greatly disturbed or may become the patient of insomnia. It can also result in having bad dreams or lack of the spirit to live, extreme anxiety, restlessness or the cherishing of negative thoughts. One feels all the time gloomy and sad

Black magic practitioners claim to do the impossible .They claim to make people rich overnight, change their fate and often mould the hearts of people and maneuver them accordingly with the aid of their muakkals. The suffering persons come to them, beg for help and give great amount of money to them. They have to give money not once but many times on many occasions.

The upholders of such practice tell them they will buy black goats and give the flesh to evil spirits to eat. For this they demand money in thousands from the visitors. All this really looks clumsy but this is a sad truth what is actually going on around us.

This biting truth is engulfing our society day and night as more and more people are now approaching them for the fulfillment of their desires. Some people have nefarious aims also like to destroy some relative out of jealousy or they wish to create obstacles in some one’s ways.

Mostly women approach them and about ninety nine percent young girls lose their virginity at the hands of these people.

All this truly presents a very gloomy situation. It is a very strong comment on our society. We wonder how these people increase their influence and even publish a number of books exalting upon their pseudo glories. In such a scenario, great responsibility lies on us. We must spread awareness among people not to follow these people blindly and do not believe in such things at all .All of us must believe in our potential and in the dignity of hard work .Success is counted sweetest only when we steadily, gradually and unflinchingly pursue it with a great faith and perseverance .The shortcuts achieved with the assistance of such amils or pirs will be greatly devastating both for us and our society.

It really plays havoc with the smooth life of the affected person. Either it destroys his business or fortune or even health. The victim is encircled with unnecessary tensions all the time or develops some phobias. He may be faced with innumerable family problems at domestic front. His children are affected a lot. He almost becomes a paranoiac patient.

As a Muslim we should be on our guards and take care that we must not be so much close to any one and share each and every kind of detail about our lives with them. These are the wise teachings of our religion that we must keep our affairs secret. Along with that we must be a staunch believer and should inculcate this idea precisely in our hearts and mind that if Allah’s mercy and help is with us no power in the world can harm us. Hence our best protection against black magic lies in our being a practicing Muslim and we must also engage ourselves in frequent dua and holy verses.

It is very sad to know when we know that our beloved homeland was created in the name of Allah and we have a very high percentage of Muslims in the world but we still believe in such nasty things. Every second person believes in such rubbish practices despite the fact whether he is educated or not. The relatives who are jealous of their kins want to destroy them. Apparently they will pretend that they are truly faithful to them but at their back they plan evil against them. We must be watchful of these kind of relatives, friends and colleagues, In fact our religion which is a religion of moderation and which preaches a balanced way in all the matters, we must be true followers of its teachings, And we must not allow anyone to be so close to us so as to get access of our secrets and private life. In this way we become very vulnerable. We must also be careful of all those people who are or pretend to be very sweet or helpful towards us. It does not mean that we must be lurking in an environment of doubt and suspicion all the time. But we should be vigilant.

Our Lord has promised us that the devils cannot exercise permanent control over those pious and righteous people who have submitted themselves to Allah completely. Allah says:

“Most truly. My servants, you cannot exercise control over them except those who are deviant who follow you” (Al-Hijr-42).At another occasion Allah says:

“Most certainly he (Satan) has no power over those who truly cherish faith and are trusting upon their Lord; rather his power is limited only to those who take him as a protector(besides God) and thus associate partners with Him”(Al-Nahl ; 99-100)

We must also infuse this faith in our hearts that it is alone Allah Almighty Who can who can give us benefit .he is the ultimate benefactor and saviour .He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent .Everything is in His command and subservient to His will. Hence we all must revert to Allah and ask for our needs only from Him with an element of due humility. All the vile effects of Satan are nullified if we seek refuge in our faith.

Along with this a campaign should be started at mass level to curb the influence of these people. Media should play its effective role in this endeavor. Let us vouchsafe for contributing our role as a responsible citizen and move ahead in making this earth a better place to live in.

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