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Happy Diwali Pakistanis, from Zardari’s Squad

By Saad Farooq Awan • Nov 14th, 2012 • Category: Politics • 6 Comments

For Pakistan its history is changing slowly and steadily, first it was the Kashmir which our interior ministry gifted India in its report and now our army men are seen changing sweets on borders on Hindus Diwali, an event of peace and love.

Border Security Force (BSF) representatives swapped sweets with Pakistan Rangers at the India-Pakistan land border check post on Tuesday to mark Diwali.

BSF representatives went up to the no man’s land and gave sweets to their counterparts in Pakistan Rangers. The border check post situated almost 30 km away from Amritsar.

And if this was not enough, in New Delhi, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday called up Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and gave his Diwali greetings.

In his telephonic discussion, Malik expected that the festival of lights would bring peace and contentment to the people of both the countries.

And this weird series of events is also happening on the other side of the border, as Manmohan Singh on Monday stated that India favored a stable and wealthy Pakistan. Strange but true, now bilateral negotiations are picking up heat and both are favoring each other in different aspects.

And above all Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari planned to host an exclusive Diwali dinner for Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on the basis that his meeting with the visiting Indian leader matched with the Hindu festival of lights, officials reported on Tuesday.

Kumar and his delegation were previously slated to call on Zardari at the presidency this evening and the gathering was to be followed by an official dinner managed by the Foreign Ministry.

Well still if this all is being observed in the light of bringing prosperity in Pakistan, it’s a nice move, keeping in mind if water issue, kargill issue, and many other issues are resolved, but if innocent Muslims are still pressurized to observe their holy rituals openly, then this is a senseless move to observe Diwali in Pakistan.

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  1. The good relation between India and Pakistan is beneficial for both countries in means of trades, military exercises, technology advancement, establishment and many other factors are included. The main issue which disturbed the relationship between these two countries is Kashmir issue and it is the key to the lock of relations.

  2. Saad Farooq, open up your heart and accept and share other cultures.

  3. Dear Pakistani

    Get a life man!

    If everything Indian is filthy what good deeds you can show to the world as your own?

    When people like you are living with this mentality world will never be a safe place especially Pakistan.I know you will come up with ridiculous theories or arguments and it is not even your mother will accept,

    The world expect peace after the present generation folks like you are gone and a new breed of children with modern educations comes up in Pakistan.

    Even if you fight 1000 years you are not going to win this hatred game.The world does not expect that you are going to change.We are prepared to face the people like you.

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