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Hanging and Blood Stained Rock in Saudi Arabia

By Sharafat • Feb 11th, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 48 Comments


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  1. sharafat bahi!

    care to type a few words explaining this pic ………..please

  2. Sharafat ! yeh koi sharafat hai?

    aap juwab nahi dayte

  3. sharafat sahab….baaz aana ha tussi kay nahi….assi wi saudia rehnday han….per sunyan nahi kadi iss pathar da…kher tussi aye daso aye pathat saudia day keray shahar day wich hay….

  4. It looks like hanging in the air. Whose blood or colour of the stone is that.? can you give some info on this rock?

  5. This is a fake picture. It is not true. The” صخرة طائرة “, means ” Flying rock “.This rock is located in Al-Hassa,east of Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.Infact,the heavy sand storm in Al-Hassa region has washed out the area between rock & ground but still there is support available under the rock.These supports under rock has erased by photoshop programme & published everywhere on websites.
    If you need more clarification & real pictures than don’t hesitate to contact me at

    Take Care
    Civil Engg,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  6. unauthentic data has a new name .. PakSpectator

  7. A huge rock in a village of Al-Hassa region, SAUDI ARABIA raises 11 cms from the ground level once in a year during the month of April and stays elevated for about 30 minutes !!!

    They say that 17 years ago, one terrorist was shot dead behind this rock as he was hidden there. This encounter happened in the month of April 1989. You can see the fresh blood stains on the rock. Most surprisingly, when the rock raises from the ground, these stains become darker, fresher and wet. Local residents tried to wipe off the stains several times, but after some time it appears again on the rock automatically…..

  8. Can’t understand that… A rock levitation?

  9. Dear FarHaj,
    You have wrong information about this rock. It can be a good story but it is not a reality.You said that there is fresh blood stains on rock.Infact, it is a RED spray paint marking as a Bench Mark for road survey.Please do more effort to found out correct information.There are many rocks available which have small pointed supports .All other supported area under the rock has eliminated due to Heavy Sand storm. These rocks are not hanging.But it can slipped any time when the small pointed support will be removed by heavy desert sand storm.Local authorties have already made plan to move these rocks at suitable place to avoid any accident due to slipping of these rocks.
    Someone take a picture from one of that rock & erase the pointed supports through Photoshop & advertise on websites.

    For more info don’t hesitate to mail me at

    Civil Engg
    Saudi Arabia

  10. can someone be true to this,,…..

  11. Dear Brother Haleem,

    do u have an actual/real pic of this.


  12. Dear Mr. Haleem,
    If you have real picture then send me on my e-mail id I will be very thankful to you and if you dont have pic then pls you have no right to write any thing about this picture. This the miracle of nature.

    Abdul Rauf

  13. Even a school child can tell that its impossible according to laws of physics!

    Its a fake picture.

  14. Salam valekum. Picture is looking like real. But i will believe if someone can pass stick through that airgap .

  15. If somebody is telling that this is a fake picture, pls prove it with the real picture.
    There are many many miracles happened in the earlier years and even now. When Allah wishes something, then Physics, Chemistry, Biology everything fails.
    There must be some real story behind this which we are not aware of…

    Irshad Ali
    Software Engineer, India

  16. I Think when miracles happen it is beyond the reach of chemistry,physics or any other science and dat is the only reason why it is called a MIRACLE. Comment by S.A.Bhat

  17. Physics, Chemistry, Biology are themselves miracles of Allah. This picture is 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!! Don’t you use your common sense?

  18. @ Mr.Yousef, send ur mail id at .@ Mr.Abdul Rauf ,i hope you have already recieved my mail.Yes,MIRACLE can happen in this world but alteast this is not a MIRACLE.It’s FAKE.

  19. Correct mail Id:

  20. I guess a jew was hiding behind the rock and the stone raised itself and spoke to the Muslims…hey Musalman, there is a jew here, KILL HIM!! LOL

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