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Hajj Quota : Private Hajj Operators or Parliamentarians ?

By Fatima Tassaduq • Jun 29th, 2009 • Category: Politics • One Response

According to the Saudi laws, it is mandatory for the governments to provide Hajj Quota to the private tour operators, but it is not mandatory that the Hajj Qota be provided to the parliamentarians. Government has abolished the quota of the parliamentarians and over that many parliamentarians are going haywire and protesting vehemently, as it deprives them from anther chance to do the favoritism and nepotism.

Government shouldn’t bow in front of the politicos and carry on with the decision. Hajj Quota may  be given to the private tour operators, but it also true that the history is not so good in that regard too, and the past shows that private tour operators have also let down the Hajis. There are complaints that the private tour operators take bribe from the people for sending them on Hajj on their quota.

It is the need of hour that quota to the private tour operators be monitored and regulated transparently and methodically. Government should revise the criteria of allocating quota to the tour operators. Hajj quota must be given after due scrutiny of the operators’ whereabouts and on depositing cash guarantee.

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  1. it is mainly Moulana Diesel and other theke-daars of Islam who are dying for hajj quota to be returned but i think only one intimidation from Moulana Diesel to Getting “separated from Coalition” will done every thing for Moulana diesel.

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