Hajj 2011 Applications Lists Help Expenses and Information

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In accordance with the Saudi Taleemat and Govt. instructions on the subject, as amended for Hajj-1432-H, Pakistan Hajj Mission, Consulate General of Pakistan Jeddah invites the offers for buildings for Pakistani Hujjaj in Makkah Mukarramah for Hajj-2011/1432H.

2. Those owners/Mustajir (legal lease holders) who intend to lease out their buildings may contact the office of Pakistan Hajj Mission in Makkah Mukarrmah/Jeddah alongwith complete particulars, detail and proposed rate etc.

The specified procedure and required documents may be confirmed from Pak Hajj Mission. General conditions are as under:-

i) Location of the building and its distance from Haram Sharif may be mentioned.
ii) General condition of the building should be good. All facilities/amenities etc, as specified in Saudi Taleemat, should be made available by the owners/Mustajir.
iii) Building be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of Hajj policy, already approved by the cabinet.
iv) Building should be free of any encumbrance and all requirements of Saudi Taleemat shall be met by the offerers.
v) Valid Tasreeh shall be provided by the offeror.
vi) Additional space, if become available in the light of Saudi Taleemat may be used by Hajj Mission for the welfare of Hujjaj like sector offices, dispensary etc without any additional cost.
vii) After completion of all formalities, agreement & payment in furtherance thereto shall be subject to final approval by the hiring committee.
3. It is clarified for general information and guidance that Pakistan Hajj Mission has no agent and Saudi national owners/Mustajir are informed to contact on the following addresses directly:

a) Directorate General of Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan, Jeddah

Fax-02-574124, 02-6670988
b) E-mail:
i) dghajj@yahoo.com
ii) dgmakkah@yahoo.com
iii) jshajj@mora.gov.pk

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