Habit of Staring at Girls in Pakistan

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It is natural to look at a beautiful girl, and Pakistani girls are the most beautiful on earth. However, there is a difference between looking at a girl for a couple of seconds and staring at her like one has never seen a girl in his life before. No one likes to be stared at, and staring at a girl like a zombie is disrespectful, irritating, and a sin.

Allah SWT tells both men and women to lower their gaze and avoid looking at the opposite sex, but it can be seen that boys do not pay any heed or attention to Allah’s SWT command.

Moving on, I would say that people who stare at girls do not and would not like other people to stare at the female members of their own family. So why stare at other people’s sisters, wives, and daughters when one would not like others staring at his own wife, sister, or daughter.

From eve-teasing to staring at girls, boys behave in a manner that is outrageously disrespectful. Let’s keep in mind that this is an Islamic country, and boys are indulging in an animal like behaviour, giving the impression that they were brought up in some gutter where they did not learn any manners, and are a bunch of uncouth, uncivilized, barbarians.

This is an Islamic country. Let’s behave like we are living in one.

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