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Google+ in Pakistan

By • Jun 30th, 2011 • Category: Technology • 2 Comments

Ok, now Facebook is under genuine threat because the real giant, the real competitor has come into the market. Yes, the Google has come with a thudding sound with its own social network which is being termed as Google Plus Google+.

Pakistanis on Google+ should be more than interested and active because they are very fond of Facebook and the twitter has also caught on, and Google+ promises to beat both of these killer services. With the failure of Orkut and the Waves, Google+ is something very much aligned to the user requirements and the experience, and that is what makes it so special.

Google+ mimics the real world. As every person in the real world has multiple circles which sometimes overlap and sometimes dont, but these circles don’t really open up to the external world without the permissions and the processes. So Google+ also works in the social circles and the privacy is the corner stone of Google+.

Let’s wait and see when it goes public. Google should be beware that one of the reason why Orkut failed because it delayed the public registration for too long. They must not repeat that blunder with the Google+.

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