Girls Responsible For Raising A Religious Generation

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*The following article is not intended to show girls in bad light. It only intends to highlight issues pertaining to girls which are of considerable importance.

While raising a child is the responsibility of both parents, the prime responsibility rests on the mother. She is the one who instills good manners and Islamic values in them. Children are naturally attached more to their mother than the father. However, the reality is that the generation being raised today involves girls who are interested in everything except religion, and in such a case they are not ready to raise a generation of children and make them religious.

Girls argue needlessly and endlessly with a thelewala or a rickshawala over a couple of rupees and then spend outrageous sums of money on clothing and cosmetics, wear clothes that are tight, transparent, or revealing and malign the burka and headscarf, read magazines, books, and everything they can get their hands on except Quran and Hadith. In such a case, I wonder how they will raise a generation and make them interested in Islam.

Many girls who appear religious wear a headscarf with tight clothes, as though covering the hair is more important than covering the body. These girls clearly do not have any common sense. Others wear colourful headscarves and some wear branded ones, turning a religious piece of clothing into a fashion accessory. Even those girls who wear shalwar kameez wear a dupatta in their necks (instead of their chest), defeating the purpose of the dupatta.

I was at the airport some time back when I say a teenage Arab girl in the tiniest of shorts but at the same time her face revealed so much innocence I wondered how someone so innocent looking was dressed up semi-nude in front of her father and brothers. What kind of mental poisoning must have forced the girls to dress up in such a foolish and indecent manner. And sadly, this is the story of countless Muslim girls.

The prime interest of girls today is in TV, movies, music, boyfriends, and partying. Girls know more about singers than about Sahabah, are more interested in the lives of movie stars than the lives of the Prophets, have listened to more music than Islamic lectures, and I can go on endlessly but my point is clear. Girls cannot get married and raise a generation of boys and girls and make them religious if they are not going to get serious about Islam themselves.

A huge responsibility rests on the shoulders of girls today who will become mothers tomorrow.

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