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Girls Night Out in Karachi

By Amna Gilani • Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Features • 8 Comments

Packed in the new Prado, colorful and fragrant medley of mature yet cheery young females were enjoying the music while joking merrily with each other. Expensive clothes, French perfumes, Italian jewelry, designer designs, clipped English accent with hint of Urdu words, and grandiose plans for the upcoming dinner and shopping was making me feel I was in some other country.

After a charity campaign held outside Karachi Press Club, I was invited by the organizer lady, who is very active socially in such functions to attend a get together with the team. We went to a plush house in defense and met with all the manicured socialites and they decided to relax after a tough day in mud and dirt and poor, and I was in this experience of moving from this to there, if you know what I mean.

First we went to the newly opened five star mall and I guess that in aggregate the girls spent in excess of 200,000 rupees on shopping which included cosmetics, artificial jewelry, and some other useless stuff. Then everybody had a foot, head, and hand massage. Then it was turn of a long expensive dinner in the Sheraton followed by a visit to ice cream parlour. Climax of the evening was the afterwards sitting in the another house where some female singer was singing slow music, while everyone enjoyed coffee, drinks and talked about miseries and poverty of the people and its solutions.

There is another charity campaign plus a photo session and of course a customary night out next week.

I am not interested.

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