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Girls for Paper Marriage in America, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe Scam

By Amna Gilani • Nov 28th, 2010 • Category: Features • 195 Comments

I was born in London, when my father and mother were studying medicine there. They left Pakistan after their marriage for further studies and to get specializations in their fields. So by just stroke of luck, I got the dream British passport. To the amazement and utter shock of my relatives and friends, I preferred to live in Pakistan, following the footsteps of my parents, who returned after earning their degrees and practicing a little in Scotland.

Now, almost every month, I get a proposal from near and far relatives, which is not something bad. As I haven’t still really planned to get married, so I have asked forgiveness from all of them. But yesterday, something really funny happened. I don’t really know whether to appreciate the honesty of those people or lament at their request.

An aunty who lives in Bahawalpur, and whose son is an IT graduate and earning not that bad, came to our home. We had refused her the proposal last year, and so I was wondering yesterday why she has come again. I was hoping that it should be just another courtesy call and not the proposal kind of thing. But she just kicked the crap out of me. She said to my mother that if Amna or any friend of Amna just gets married to his son on paper, then it would be a breeze for her son to get immigration to UK. Gosh!!!

Needless to say, she was verbally kicked out of the house with stern warnings, but after the initial burst of anger, I am now laughing as what the hell that lady thought she was saying?

The thing is that there is no shortcut for success in life. Due to the recession and changing global economies, going to UK, America and other Western countries is not a guarantee to get good life. If we work hard in our own country, then we can live a soothing and satisfying life.

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  1. You should do paper marriage with these kind of people. When they go over seas then call their immigration and report the guy on immigration fraud. They’ll never want to go to a western country again (after they get out of their jail).

  2. Girls are picked for paper marriages by local and boys come back in search of real wife from local setup but as per data 90% marriages relating to foreign migration are failed due to extrme mismatch criteria for getting the foriegn passport from both side.
    Interesting thing is people are not learning anything from such large number of failures but try to be part of this unsuccessful drive of picking foreign nationality via abnormal marriages.

  3. I believe this trend will recede as more and more Western countries are making it hard and long to get citizenship for the alien spouse.

  4. Welcome to Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
    Muslims are jumping like monkeys to get visa in non-muslim countries, go and marry Saudi Arabian girls and the shurta will cut your ????

  5. @Chaudry

    You can’t go marry a saudi girl.

    For one, they follow the Islamic law or marriage and not the hindu customs that Indo-Pak muslims do. I’m talking about dowry, Jahez from the girl. In Islam, it is only the guy who gives dowry (mahr), or marriage gift to the wife, and the wife doesn’t give anything.

    Second reason is related to the first one. In Saudi, you have to buy her a house (or some place to live) if you want to marry her. That is IF they believe your “tribe” is worthy of their tribe, etc. etc.

  6. @5
    Along with this expenses ,saudi girls are not some kind of submissive and devoted wife as you find in Pak/India culture.They can beat you any moments if something going wrong with them or can leave you any moment if find any kind of weakness in your character and financial system and find another guy of their taste,So it is better to chase the easy option instead of following the real Hoors of Islamic world.

  7. @Nazia

    I hope you weren’t serious calling them saudi women as “hoors”, because they can’t even be called beautiful. Some look good, but most do not and it is because of their inbreeding (most marry their cousins).

    Even the arab men in these countries say that Pakistani women make the best wives. It is because they take care of the house and the family. They value marriage and married life. Where as the Arab women are so lazy that they can’t even raise their own children. The maids do that, while they are out shopping or what not.

  8. I am not calling them hoors from woman point of view but men consider them hoors in black covered abbiya with kajal laden eyes .
    I think you have seen biddou ladies which have different features and complexion.Over all they are good featured and have fair complexion as arabs usually pick beautiful women and hence bright chances of having beautiful daughters.
    Yes they don’t look good in adult time unless they take some tips from beauty saloons and by wearing western style dresses they wear under their black gown. I think it is their temperament which is rigid and free of etiquette that make them not looking good .
    It is part of their culture to take care of themselves more than any thing to keep the attention of their men towards them, instead of wasting time and energy on kids and household but this trend I have found in some Sindhi and southern Punjab side too(in elite and feudal side)
    You can say that saudi and UAE group women are lazy but in Morocco it is quite different, they are quite active like European perfect in house hold, having jobs and businesses along with taking care of their kids just like eastern women.

  9. Nature has made appropriate pairs in every nationality. Inter-nationality marriages are not any bad things, but my point is that I think that men and women look more appropriate when they marry within their own tribe, otherwise it looks incongruous.

  10. Yes that is very right decision to pick a spouse of your colony as it would make comfortable setup for raising a family in form of kids and in laws circle.
    But the problem is it is very mature thought and it is hardly seen/applied for young and immature minds who depends on intermittent sentiments, timely need or greed for choosing spouse.
    Any how again luck also matters if you find right person of your life at start of career.
    This help too much for a person to achieve his/her goals of life in comfortable way, other wise he /she is stuck up in trial and error method to pick right person for his/her life partners.

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  12. Dear Amna,
    A brilliant post with facts as usual. The lucky guy who marries you is going to have an interesting life. I want you to keep this independent spirit always.
    What you say is what the picture”Green card” showed. In Indi a also the craze for going foreign is through hook or crook is limited to Punjab while people from south who go are not that much enomoured of west.

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    Remember only sincere girls

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  16. I want girl from canada for marriage

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  18. i want candian girl

  19. Gud Morning this is yasir from pakistan and i need green card of ur country so any girl is here who can paper marrge with me i give u money.
    plz tell me.

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