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Girls for Paper Marriage in America, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe Scam

By Amna Gilani • Nov 28th, 2010 • Category: Features • 195 Comments

I was born in London, when my father and mother were studying medicine there. They left Pakistan after their marriage for further studies and to get specializations in their fields. So by just stroke of luck, I got the dream British passport. To the amazement and utter shock of my relatives and friends, I preferred to live in Pakistan, following the footsteps of my parents, who returned after earning their degrees and practicing a little in Scotland.

Now, almost every month, I get a proposal from near and far relatives, which is not something bad. As I haven’t still really planned to get married, so I have asked forgiveness from all of them. But yesterday, something really funny happened. I don’t really know whether to appreciate the honesty of those people or lament at their request.

An aunty who lives in Bahawalpur, and whose son is an IT graduate and earning not that bad, came to our home. We had refused her the proposal last year, and so I was wondering yesterday why she has come again. I was hoping that it should be just another courtesy call and not the proposal kind of thing. But she just kicked the crap out of me. She said to my mother that if Amna or any friend of Amna just gets married to his son on paper, then it would be a breeze for her son to get immigration to UK. Gosh!!!

Needless to say, she was verbally kicked out of the house with stern warnings, but after the initial burst of anger, I am now laughing as what the hell that lady thought she was saying?

The thing is that there is no shortcut for success in life. Due to the recession and changing global economies, going to UK, America and other Western countries is not a guarantee to get good life. If we work hard in our own country, then we can live a soothing and satisfying life.

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  4. @Amna. . .

    well. … Tonight i’ve had the chance of thumbing through a couple of your posts, and i must acknowledge that most of them were really engaging. What loved about your posts is the incessant audacity, which becomes the core of every topic of discussion that you’ve initiated as yet.. As per the underlying issue, i reckon that there’s not much left to be added in there, either because a few other folks including Miss Nazia, Prof. Seema and Mr. Khawaja have already contributed in a highly appreciateable manner, or perhaps because my primitive brain has been unable to bring forward something fruitful, as yet. Neverthless, what i’d really want to say is that people who opt for paper marriage are absolutely nothing more than imbeciles and rotten eggs. And i would particularly like to detest these plonkers who’re begging and advertising for themselves here .

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  10. It is a matter of demand and supply :-)

    We can condemn this practice, but it is not going to have any effect whatsoever on the society and thinking of its members. It happens everywhere in the world, and it is happening here as well.

    Let me share something … couple of years back, I was in Maldives to attend a meeting. There was a colleague from Sri Lanka who mentioned that back home, there were professional institutions who teach the Buddhists how to act like Muslims, so that they can enter and work in the two Holy Cities in Saudi Arabia. Surprised?

  11. @ Prof. Seema, trends are changing in Pakistan. I have seen a couple of marriages in Pakistan, where girls marry, grab the gold and stuff and go home asking for div*. Media on the other hand is making girls more liberal these days. They are having bfs and husband all together. If this is what you are ending up then why not marry a non-paki loyal wife.

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