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Ghinwa Bhutto Fights With Nisar Khoro

By Amna Gilani • Feb 18th, 2008 • Category: Pakistan Vote'08, Politics, Worth A Second Look • No Responses

In a very stunning development, in the Larkana constituency , the chairman of People’s Party Shaheed Bhutto, Ghinwa Bhutto has clashed with Nisar Khoro of People’s Party Parliamentarian.

According to the footage of fight between Ghinwa Bhutto and Nisar Khorro, first the verbal exchange started between the activists of People Party ZAB and PPP, and then it turned into a fight, and then Ghinwa Bhutto and Nisar Khorro reached the scene, and Ghinwa blamed the Nisar Khorro for rigging and attacked him and tore his shirt from front. Then another fight broke between the workers of two parties.

Nisar Khorro came to poll his vote, and Ghinwa also reached at the polling station and accused Nisar of rigging, and when Nisar Khorro demanded the proof, Ghinwa and her supporters attacked Nisar Khorro and roughed him up.

The tussle between Ghinwa Bhutto and Nisar is old and there are lots of clashes upon property and other things between the two.

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