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Ghaib Ka Ilm

By Guest Blogger • Jun 27th, 2011 • Category: Mystic Matters • 2 Comments

An eyeopening account about this still not known subject. The knowledge of the hidden is very mysterious and this article express it in a very eloquent and fine way.


By Roba Emran

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  1. You Sir/Madam, have just found the meaning of life. Man you just changed my life in just five minutes! Believe Me — You just blew my mind.All the Atheists Must Read this Write Up.Just few years - I WAS AN ATHEIST But many thanks to Almighty Allah Jj — Not Now rather turned totally into an Orthodox Muslim, Thank you for this. Right Now One whoever Presents with Quotation of Holy Quran - I accept the Same with BLIND FAITH — It is a very hard concept to calculate but you have made me feel a lot better for knowing there is an eternal life right after own DEATH.

    Would you Believe — I personally KNOW - Few of TRUE — AAMILS who Posses JINNA-aT — What do they Study in holy Quran & thereafter their Way of Dealings with Broken Hearts People i.e. really — Worth-Wile Noticeable EVENTS of my personal Life.

    Amazing! I’m not ATHEIST anymore as this is amazing its 100% logic - You did a great job my friend. Almighty Allah Jj Bless You.

  2. The Missing word in 3rd Para of above POST i.e. BACK.

    Just few years back -

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