Gay Lesbian Gathering in American Embassy Islamabad PICTURES!!!

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Leaders of important political parties, for expediency or the other reasons known to them, refused to condemn or offer any comment on a celebration of the US Embassy’s hosting of Pakistan’s first ever lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) ‘Pride Celebration’, however, religious scholars and leaders of various religious political parties condemned the event in the strongest term and urged the government to ensure that such nonsensical and immoral things were not repeated anywhere in the country.
“Any religion including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism does not allow homosexuality. Being a Muslim state, Pakistan follows Islamic rules and regulations, which strictly forbade gay, lesbian marriages and celebrations. The US Embassy, by holding such a controversial gathering, has violated the rules and laws of land, so the government should act accordingly,” Jamaat-I-Islami Ameer Munawar Hassan said on Sunday when approached by TheNation.

The country’s well known and one of worthy Muslim scholars Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman also condemned US Embassy’s bid to host such a ceremony and urged the government to look into the matter and make the US Embassy administration to explain the purpose behind this move.

“The government should ask the higher authorities in the US Embassy what made them hold this controversial ceremony when they knew such act is not permitted in an Islamic country,” Mufti Muneeb said. Ironically, the spokesperson and well known representatives of all political parties including PML(N), PPP , MQM and ANP shied away from commenting on this subject of much importance when contacted by TheNation.

“Klasra sahib, please excuse me from making any statement on the subject. I am ready to comment on any other subject of your choice, however, I am sorry to say anything on this subject,” a well known parliamentarian of ANP said on condition of anonymity.
Surprisingly, TheNation got the same response from the parliamentarians of major political parties. However, later on former minister of information and broadcasting Qamar Zaman Qaira made it clear and loud that the diplomatic community enjoy diplomatic immunity, however, it should respect the cultural and religious values of the host country.

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