G-9 and G-10 Massage Centers Raid in Islamabad

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According to our blogger revo, who lives in G-9 sector, police has raided two massage centers in G-9 and G-10 sectors in Islamabad, which were also acting as , and police has arrested 6 ladies and 10 men from the massage center. This is a rocking news and has rattled the Islamabad and the other pillars of the power.

It’s interesting that this time police has raided on such massage centers without any ‘Lal Masjid’ urging. Last year Islamabad police also raided a massage center, only after Ghazi Abdul Rashid of Lal Mosque threatened to take action himself, and also Islamabad police arrested one Auntie Shamim from a girl center in Islamabad.

This is a very encouraging news and one hopes that in the garb of beauty parlors and Thai massage centers in Islamabad and Lahore and Karachi, government would take notice of such activities and would pass any legislation to make sure that a legitimate business is run with proper audit and transparency.

Non government associations and the crowd in the public should also help out the government in this regard, and media should start an awareness campaign as soon as possible.

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