Future of Bahria Town and DHA After Malik Riaz Downfall

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If you travel from Faizabad to Rawat by road you would see literally hundreds of housing schemes on both side of roads throughout the journey. Especially right after the Islamabad airport, start some so-called modern housing societies like Gulzar-e-Quaid, naval housing society, PWD, defense housing authority phases, and many phases of Bahria town sprawled all over the place.

If you go inside DHA and Bahria, you would be surprised to see the number of modern houses equipped with everything and at times you feel that you are not in the typical Pakistan. All these societies and housing colonies have one name at the back and that is of Malik Riaz. Malik, a common clerk, who rose to become Pakistan’s wealthiest real estate tycoon after land grabbing and corruption with the help of generals, admirals, judges, and journalists.

It has always been said that once Malik Riaz goes down, all this property bubble would burst and this edifice of grand deluxe Bahria Town and DHA would come crumbling down within matter of days. Malik Riaz is going down as his decline starts after he gets into the storm of eye and judiciary is after him. Also as Malik Riaz has been exposed with his deep links with generals and judiciary and media, he is not going to enjoy that bounty and blessing anymore and is surefire to be silenced in one way or another.

Malik Riaz hasĀ  built this Bahria and DHA empire which includes many other offshoot colonies all around Pindi/Islamabad and in some other cities. This empire has been built by grabbing the land of poor, expelling poor people out of their homes, killing those who didn’t oblige, or buying at peanut rates, by bullying and by bribe. First thing Malik Riaz did after grabbing the land was to gift away precious houses to generals, judges and journalists and then he was free to do whatever he liked and that’s what he did.

He, Malik Riaz has thousands of enemies who are ready to pounce down on him and his empire. Once he goes down on his knees, vultures will come on and so will be thousands of people claiming their lost and snatched properties. Every house and land in Bahria and DHA will be sued and it would be the strangest and biggest real estate mess witnessed in the history. Already the buying in DHA and Bahria has come to a standstill. Everybody is happily willing to sell even somewhat below the market price, but there are no buyers.

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