Future for Our Kids in Pakistan

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Election 2013 in Pakistan still seem very distant and elusive. I don’t know what would happen before those elections and how much blood would be shed. Nobody is certain whether these elections will ever materialize. The political parties are tepidly reaching out to people, and still there is no frenzy or tempo of the elections.

The same winds of hatred, storms of violence, hollow rhetoric, and glorification of sectarianism that was once the order of day in Pakistan has returned with full vengeance. Then the people with wisdom believed killed cream of country would soon also kill the sanity.

Our morally inclement climate, the outward signs of religious intolerance and hatred have undoubtedly risen instead of getting diminished with the passage of time. There are still far too many reminders of the dangers lurking everywhere that devastate us all — like Hazara massacre and the assassination of Sunni scholars.

Sunni and Shia re two sides of the same coin. We are one, and have more similarities than differences. In Pakistan, We are all in the same boat and must act together to stop the plague of violence in the name of sects. The tall claims of the leaders can’t fully control our national epidemic violence any better than we can stop a flu epidemic by vaccinating one family.

It is high time that We must struggle together to stop  violence if we are going to protect all of our nation’s children everywhere.

Yes no one seems to think of posterity. We all are busy in providing education and food to our kids in our homes, but have we ever thought collectively as what kind of society we are creating for them for their future? Our future generations won’t stay at home. They have to get out in open, and they are likely to see blood and blasts everywhere, if this streak of affairs goes on and on.

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