Former Indian Cricket Captain Azharuddin is in Riyadh

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Star and feted cricketer and former captain of the Indian Cricket Team – Mohammad Azharuddin – is in Riyadh. He is on a private visit to the Kingdom upon an invitation extended to him from Nadeem Tareen – a cricket-loving fan of him and the owner of Delhi Public School in Riyadh.

On Saturday he paid a visit to the Royal Academy of Cricket (aka: RAC) wherein he was shown around the facilities built by RAC for conducting an exhaustive cricket coaching to the young talented cricketers – under its Talent Hunt program.

At RAC Cricket ground he met with the following officials of RAC, namely: Shahzad Alam, Dr. Aamir Tarar, Mubashar Kiani, Ahsan Rizvi, Salman Siddiqui, Prof. Dr. Mujahid Khan, Amir Aziz Zaidi, Kamran Tareen, Shakil, Qadeer Khan, Aqeel Ur Rehman, Shahid, Faisal Nawaz, Kashif Rauf, Naffay, and Syed Yasir.

At the RAC ground he took keen interest in the infrastructural facilities developed and built by RAC. He gave some useful suggestions also – to improve the facility of the ground and its stands. He watched with lots of interest the Cricket coaching that was in session under the apt coaching guidance of RAC Coach Ahsan Rizvi. He also gave useful batting and fielding tips to the young cricketers gathered there. These young boys were very happy and excited to see a onetime cricketing giant in their midst. They did not hesitate to demand autograph which Azharuddin happily responded to by signing bats and balls, gloves and even T-Shirts for whosoever that requested. The young cricketers happily grouped for photo sessions with him also. At RAC a memento was awarded to Azharuddin by RAC Director Operations – Mubashar Kiani. This memento was a golden sword from a rare artifact collection of his. Azharuddin was seen all beaming upon receiving this memento.

Earlier on a luncheon reception was hosted in his honor by Nadeem Tareen – a Cricket fan & enthusiast and the owner of Delhi Public School in Riyadh. This luncheon reception was attended by select invitees that included members of RAC and some Indian and Pakistani cricket enthusiasts and fans of Azharuddin. He was very happy and thanked all for this wonderful reception in his honor.

Azharuddin has now flown to Makkah for performing Umrah and has promised RAC to make another return visit to RAC Cricket Academy wherein he would give some value time to the young and talented cricketers who have been enrolled by RAC for the coaching purposes.

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