Finding a Girl for Mobile Phone Friendship in Pakistan Mania

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It seems to me that youth in Pakistan is neither with Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf nor with Muslim League Nawaz or any other party. Rather the youth is with their desperate searches for the girls online in Pakistan on Facebook or the other social media. The one thing for which young boys of Pakistan are after is the cell numbers of girls.

Ironically, I am sure that if any political party would promise these boys girls friendship on the mobile phones, they would give their votes to that party and would also run the campaign. This youth doesn’t require Naya or Roshan Pakistan, they want mobile Pakistan full of dating and fraaandship. Go to any social media site, and you would find the boys pleading with girls or accounts with girls ids for the mobile numbers.

I haven’t seen any study or any serious debate happening on this issue in Pakistan so far. This is a big problem and we cannot hide our necks in the sand as our youth slides to the lows. This desperation and frustration is not healthy at all and despite of all the modernity it seems that we still are lacking something. It seems that the education is failing to address this issue, and a serious awareness campaign needs to be started for this mania.

I have previously discussed that hundreds of mobile numbers of Karachi girls are available online and there is no voice against it, which is very alarming. Not only a cleanup is required, but also a serious debate needs to be started to eliminate this insane trend. Our youth is getting wasted and we need to save them.

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