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FAST University Girls Scandal of Mobile Phone Clips and Pictures

By Amna Gilani • Jul 24th, 2010 • Category: Misc • 5 Comments

I don’t know whether this is some sort of dirty joke done by any guys from within FAST or from outside the university, but while I was sitting with my friend at Manal restaurant, I receive some fast university girls pictures and then a mention of movie clips. Though the girls in the pictures and clips looked like Pakistani, and in the background there was a chic building but there was no mention of FAST on the building, but the caption on the picture read that the pictures and clips belonged to the fast.

I then went to the FAST Islamabad, and I have also seen Fast Karachi, and I also searched for FAST Lahore on the net, and I am sure that the building in the picture was neither one of them. I also got confirmed from my friends and othe links about the building structure, and everyone vehemently declared that the building in picture wasn’t of fast.

So please don’t forward such clips and pictures, and also dont mention the good name of fast university.

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5 Responses »

  1. amna post that link here
    I’ll see and then decide

  2. hahahaha…..i am one of the person which were watching these couple doing _____ in the corridors of fast islamabad.If u want to see the exact location then go to fast islamabad and see the place in front of the potohar sure before declaring something wrong.

    please madam be sure of what you are writing and mind it men are same to that they were years ago but this new kind of women right thing has made you(women) forget their right respect.
    aaj humare mulk main tabahi aur nahoosat pehl gae hai jga jga tabahi hai kyunke tum aurtein is hadh tak agey nikal gae ho ke ab mardon ko tum logon se dar lagta hai….aur please mardon se mukabla krna chor do….hum ne haar maan li…khush…..but please apne culture aur religion ka waasta hai aur humari awaam pe aane waale azzab ka waasta hai fahashi khattam kro……aap jo kahen gi main krne ko tyaar hoon….is se pehle ke khuda humain tabah kre humain tabahi se rok lo please please please:(

  3. hay amana i love you.

  4. nothing all of these are tru i believe

  5. hi amna!
    did you enjoy that clip?? and if you are young and wanna ENJOY as the girl in that clip was enjoying, then please tell me.. I’ll do more than that clip’s love actions in Islamabad Fast uni campus. believe me you would enjoy the most…

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