Faryal Makhdoom Hot Photos Video Scandal on Social Media

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Faryal and parents of Amir are washing their dirty linen in public and public is thoroughly enjoying it as media is projecting it as much as they could. Media is not to blame that much, because its actually the wife of boxer Amir who is providing much spice to this issue.

Faryal Makhdoom Hot Photos Video Scandal on Social Media has set a chain of events on motion as people are glued to social media to see what appears next.

A model and a socialite, Faryal likes her modern dressing and fun time. Not-so-modern parents of boxer Amir Khan wanted their daughter-in-law to be a traditional Eastern one which was not gonna happen. Faryal also never liked her in-laws as she is only attracted to the fame, wealth and celebrity status of Amir which also made her a kind of celebrity.

Now at one side Amir’s parents are objecting on Faryal’s dressing whereas Faryal is posting private photos of Amir’s brother and family on the social media and everything has become very spicy and outright outrageous.

Boxers have no brain it seems when it comes to selecting a bride.