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By Amna Gilani • Mar 13th, 2013 • Category: Features • 6 Comments

The amount of Internet a typical teenager in Pakistan devours each day is astounding. School going kids are really crazy about the Facebook, and so is the case with the college and university students. The youth of Pakistan is totally hooked to the Facebook.

Pakistani youth on Facebook outnumbers any other nation on planet as compared to the population of the country. With cheap mobile phone sets and cheap Internet packages of good quality, and free facebook login, you will find almost everyone on facebook these days, and the amount of data generated is gargantuan.

So much is the reach of Facebook that in the wake of upcoming elections in Pakistan, every political party especially the PTI and PML-N are spending huge amount of money on Facebook presence and marketing. TV talkshows in Pakistan run live commentary during their shows on Facebook and opinion polls are the must.

The biggest usage of Facebook for Pakistani girls and boys is still the dating. Online friendships and chats with girls on Facebook is still the most sought after activity. Facebook ids of Pakistani girls and boys are precious commodities.

Now just tell me how many of you are still login to the facebook while reading this, or how many times have you accessed the facebook in last hours, or will do in next few hoursĀ  ? :)

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