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Entry Test for Medical Colleges in Pakistan

By Guest Blogger • May 8th, 2009 • Category: Misc • 84 Comments

I am a doctor, an MBBS one and I am about to commit suicide. After getting flying marks in matriculation and intermediate and then after passing a brutal, expensive and very tough entry test of medical college, I entered the medical education and thought that now it’s just matter of some 5 years before I get the fruits of my education and not only I would be able to service the humankind, I would also return to my family, who has sacrificed so much to fund me to reach at this point.

I studied my life out in the medical college, abstinating from everything else of life. When I passed the MBBS, I though that now everything will be colorful and great. I got a shocker of my life. I was offered no job and merely 6000 Rs. for the house job in the government hospital with very rude and sadists professors. Now that amount has become 22000, but you know the value of it.

The police of entry test in Pakistan is ridiculous and cruel. Given that the future of doctor is very bleak and he only earns a respectable life when he gets old, it’s very ironic that kids still dream to be a doctor. The reason why old doctors charge so much lies in their lifelong suffering. The kid who passes Pre-Medical FSc by taking 950 or 900 numbers must not be asked to sit in the medical test. He could be admitted into the medical college through an interview.

But like everything in this country, this is all mess and that is why I am immigrating to Canada.

By Dr. Iffat

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  1. Best of Luck, Dr. Iffat.

  2. We can sell us for a greater price in INDIAN MARKET.
    So many guys already did it before mumbai attack.
    Now for next 5 years we can not think about indian market.
    It is out badluck whatelse i can say??
    We didn’t request the terrorists to enter into india and create a bad image for all pakistanis.
    They did on their own and we are suffering now.

  3. Dr iffat
    You are too impatient for getting adequate job as per yours desired,Don’t loose heart in start of career..Professional career needs 10 to 12 years for getting any proper position in the related field and then its your hard work and consistent seriousness that will make difference.Students after getting degree want to get job of their demand bit it is very ideal situation and few only get the mark .Majority has to wait and work on different levels.I can assure you that your hardworking will lead you toward better future than others who are opting shortcut at this time due to to their family influence or any other illicit means.

  4. Dr.Iffat,
    The situation is same in India also for young doctors.But your threat oF suicide is COWARDLY.
    You have taken the hypiocrite oath. Show some guts.Think of your family and how they gain by your suicide.Moreover the terrorists have blcoked entry for Muslims especially from pakistan in world job market.
    Life is struggle and you are blessed with 20,000 rupees.Look at those 8 lakh refugees in SWAT.Think about the children etc.Donot think and equate yours elf with Zaradari or Musharaff or Imrankhan’s children. You are an ordinary pakistani serve,struggle and survive like anyone.You are much blessed than others.

  5. doc i dont agree with you simply :’ )

  6. Dear Doc

    it is indeed, cowardly and one thing is for sure that you won’t be able to get what you have desired. you would face failure wherever you go cos you don’t have the courage. just thing how many docs are jobless but they are surviving, not just like you. by the way don’t mind if i say, you people are only running after comforts and worldly gains. it is really a mokcery with this great profession.

    Muhammad Iqbal
    Swabi, Pakistan
    District and tehsil Swabi, village and PO Shewa,
    Muhallah yousaf Khel,
    cell: 0344-9227918 ,
    office : 0938-312235

  7. I have no reason to agree or disagree with what you write. But i would bring up one important point that seems to have been lost in the discussion. I think the single most important factor that put me off was the sadist medical professors. the kind who think the whole damn world revolves around them. if only we could change our environment in a way that these stupidos could be gotten rid of and new blood infused into the ranks i think we can manage very well in even 6000 ruppees

  8. dear doctor sahab,
    What ever you thought is really correct.You can get a better job else pakistan.
    but it is the duty pf a person who has the mother land pakistan to serve the peope in pakistan.
    we are not here in this world for a long time but we should notice the aim of life.
    only earning money is not an aim of life…………..

  9. MK sahab wrote well i agree……

  10. Dear Dr Iffat,

    I agree with you that there should be pre-admission interviews to seek candidates with interest and dedication for health profession; but as you mentioned that everything is a mess here, and the interview process, if introduced, would take away the little transparency that is left there in the admission process in public sector medical colleges. Candidates aspiring to become doctors just because of peer or parental pressures should be discouraged in the very beginning, as this makes their lives miserable and does injustice to this profession, which requires a degree of dedication.

    For those who have become doctors, as yourself, continued professional development is the key to success. For those who don’t like current professors, to bring about a desired change in a system, you will first need to become part of that system. Therefore, stay in an academic setting, continue your professional development, and one day become a ‘professor’ with the qualities that you desire others to possess.

    It is also important to have warried experiences to understand how different health care systems work in different settings. One must try to gain some experience in developed countries, where better training opportunities would enhance professional growth.

    Health care professinals are lucky to possess skills and knowledge that can be utilized in any part of the world inhabited by Homo Spiens. It is the only profession where you would wake up in the middle of night to take care of someone else’s mother, and it is the only profession where someone else’s mother would pray for you as she would for her own children. One must feel blessed to be part of this profession and must try to return the favor with continued service and good clinical practice. Once you will start providing good health care to the people, trust me, your financial worries will fade away.

    Best of luck for your future career development and your intensions to train and work in Canada.


  11. well i also dont agree wid u,, may be u had some other bad luck..
    bt im happy on being a doc…
    feel its magnitude.. n da respect u get…

    best ov luck for u…

  12. well is what u think….entry test is taken in all over the world even if u took admission in grade 1.u hv to pass the entry is the rule of every institution…i think our country is better in this respect tht they r giving 2200 to their i live in riyadh and doctors hv to pay for their house jobs

  13. we r proud to be pathan n dont hate pakhtoon my panjabi brohrs

  14. @ MCAT : It’s cruel policy. It’s just like GRE, etc. Secondly curroption is very much in southern punjab as far as the F.Sc. exam concerned. Academies like Misali,Shakir etc. buy the whole examination centres. It’s a mathod of filtering this curroption.

    @ house job salary, It’s now 18000. after HJ MO’s salary is 40 plus.

    @ Canadian Immigration, good step but mean while you should go for Australian Medical Board. It’s better option. ( My opinion after studing Canadian Medical System)

    One thing more, I’m writing from a place where a poetic verse is in front of me.

    Shikwa-e-Zulmat-i-Shaab say to kahein Bahtar Tha
    Apnay Hissay ki Shama Jalatay Jatay

  15. I don’t think so that u r giving a spectaler proformance by blowing the innocents mind instead of building their characters…

  16. Sorry Dr. this comment was not related with ur policy.. I ve done a missunderstanding.

    Let kindloy guide me that how can i bcome a dr. after FSc. in medical with normal 1st Div.

    I know its not relevent question but i need some suitable suggestion 2wrds u…
    so kindly don’t ignore it and send me reply on my mailing address OR

  17. Salam, Dr ifat,
    If u are moving to canada.. u are not only destroying ur self but your family life too.. in usa and europe u will work day and night u may have nice house and a Mercedes out side of your house.. u may have every nice thing to eat but u will not have ur kids with u.. you will search for them and look for them to call u even onces in a year but they will not.. this is real face of usa and Europe.. i hope u will understand..but i wish u goodluck.. and one more thing..once u run from ur country then u should prepair to run for whole life.. but good luck for ur future.. but Allah rabul izat said insaan jaldbaz hay..

  18. well that’s not true!I simply dont agree with .being a doctor is a noble profession!you wrote all that story and then you in the end wrote DR. with your name if u dont like to be a doctor just get rid of that your name as well asdo write a degree which gives you money
    dont forget ALLAH(swt) is there!you can only get only of your taqdeer whether in canada or in pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. salam 2 all…i m a studnt of 2nd year…n i want 2 b a doctor bt aftr reading the coments n sugestions i m totally confused…kindly all the respected doctors help me out wat to do….regards nur

  20. yeah again that lame excuse of urs.
    i got 947 marks in my intermediate last year but no body i mean no university asks me to enter in to her without passing entrance test.
    may be you are in a little depression i guess becuz u want everything at your door steps.
    and 1 thing more those who say to the world shouting that they will commit suicide are actually the attention seeking personalities.
    if u really want to commit suicide then think of your parents who did not sleep nights whn u were an infant and u got ur pants leak or u got fever or u had a dizzy ness in ur dreams.
    whom are we to ask u or tell u or give u some sort of suggestion?
    just the actors of some sort of stage.
    i heard a saying u ushuld also remember:

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