Entry Test for Medical Colleges in Pakistan

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I am a doctor, an MBBS one and I am about to commit suicide. After getting flying marks in matriculation and intermediate and then after passing a brutal, expensive and very tough entry test of medical college, I entered the medical education and thought that now it’s just matter of some 5 years before I get the fruits of my education and not only I would be able to service the humankind, I would also return to my family, who has sacrificed so much to fund me to reach at this point.

I studied my life out in the medical college, abstinating from everything else of life. When I passed the MBBS, I though that now everything will be colorful and great. I got a shocker of my life. I was offered no job and merely 6000 Rs. for the house job in the government hospital with very rude and sadists professors. Now that amount has become 22000, but you know the value of it.

The police of entry test in Pakistan is ridiculous and cruel. Given that the future of doctor is very bleak and he only earns a respectable life when he gets old, it’s very ironic that kids still dream to be a doctor. The reason why old doctors charge so much lies in their lifelong suffering. The kid who passes Pre-Medical FSc by taking 950 or 900 numbers must not be asked to sit in the medical test. He could be admitted into the medical college through an interview.

But like everything in this country, this is all mess and that is why I am immigrating to Canada.

By Dr. Iffat

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