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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

By Ahmad Abrar Maula Quraishi • Aug 18th, 2011 • Category: Politics • No Responses

Pakistan is a country which is rich in natural resources. Almost all kinds of resources which can be used to produce energy are in sufficient amount. The province of Balouchistan specially has big oil and gas reserves. There are ample resources to produce thermal, hydro, solar, wind and nuclear energy. The question is why we are still having an energy crisis in our country?

The energy crisis seems to be growing as the time is passing by. The demand is increasing and the supply is not meeting the required demand. The prices of electricity, oil and gas have gone very high. People are suffering from erosion of purchasing power because of high inflation. The industry is suffering because of lack of electricity and gas supply. The question is why these issues have arisen in spite of huge resources and potential to produce energy?

Different government keeps on telling that they are taking measures to overcome the problem. But why they have not been able to deliver in so many years? We really need to find answers to all these questions as it is a matter of economic well being of our people. The more we delay to find a practicable solution the deeper our economy will plunge into this energy crisis.

According to OpenEI, Pakistan possesses the following energy resources:







Wind Potential


Area(kmĀ²) Class 3-7 Wind at 50m




Solar Potential






Coal Reserves


Million Short Tons




Natural Gas Reserves


Cubic Meters (cu m)



CIA World Fact book

Oil Reserves


Barrels (bbl)



CIA World Fact book

By looking at the data it seems that we are not short of any resource. Therefore, the problem lies in the process of using these resources. We are having huge import bills which can be easily avoided once we take up the task of vigorously making an optimal use of our resources.

What we are lacking is the political will of the successive governments in the development of the energy sector of the country on sound foundation. Internal disharmony among the provinces has contributed a lot in this regard and the external factors have added fuel to the fire.

It is high time that we unite in order to save our country from economic and destruction.

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