Election May 11, 2013 in Pakistan

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Election ! Election ! But tell me if the politicians and bureaucrats guilty of crimes and corruption have not been held responsible and accountable and if there are increasing chances of rigging, how can there be any change in the country. Are the 200 big wigs who have trillions of dollars going to give up power in the country. Do you know that foreign agencies and India are financing the elections of corrupt politicians this time? With this thing in mind, how do you think that we will be able to bring change in this country.

Are the people especially the youth prepared to vote and if necessary fight for their rights if elections are rigged? This is Pakistanis last chance to save the country. Can we take a stand this time and bring a change to the country or not?

I was talking to my maid who gets money from Benazirs Income Support Programme and they are going to be voting for PPP again. And it is such a mentality that makes distribution of laptops by PML N a successful ploy to get votes. The mentally corrupt and challenged will likely vote in the corrupt. This will be  a test of the character of the people and their ability to vote again for a corrupt or corrupt free nation.

Somewhere along the line the people have a faulty thinking mechanism and have an inbuilt mode that savors corruption. Therefore the society today harbors corruption, immorality and hypocrisy. Are we as a nation willing to change our ways or do we all want to wallow in corruption? The Americans and Indians look forward to using their agents; our corrupt bureaucrats and politicians to bring Pakistan closer to disintegration. Is this what you and I want?

Do we want to travel towards stone age and become extinct like the dodos or are we willing to develop into a progressive nation?

Mr. Musharraf is back in the nation and courtesy MQM, he might contest from one or more seats but it is doubtful that All Pakistan Muslim League will be able to win a large number of seats. The MQM wants to weaken PPP hold in Sindh. Will they be successful remains to be seen.

The PTI has held a successful rally but something which a number of politicians have been saying in talk shows is that the number of people who showed up in the rally were less than that which was previously held in Lahore.    However what most analysts think is that PTI may just stun some political parties this time.

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