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election commission pakistan voter list 2013

By • Dec 11th, 2012 • Category: Misc • 12 Comments

Pakistan Election 2013 are just around the corner and Election Commission of Pakistan under the able leadership of Fakhro Bhai is working very hard to make these elections transparent and rigging free, and they are working round the clock to make this a reality.

With the help of NADRA, ECP has done a good job of preparing voter lists which include massive new votes from the youth who will be a deciding factor in the upcoming elections. That and the new voter lists in Pakistan are also available online and you can also check them for yourself, making the process more transparent.

ECP website is also very good and full of knowledge and helpful items. To help raise understanding of electoral processes, the ECP has developed a variety of information, education and communication material. They have a good up to date website and always a good first stop.

On 17th October, ECP held a national voters day. The event marked the official launch of the ECP’s Voter Education campaign and was observed across every district in Pakistan, highlighting the ECP’s commitment towards increasing voters’ participation in the electoral process.

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