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Effects of Nanga Parbat Killings

By Tazeen • Jun 24th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 3 Comments

Alpine lovers have been fascinated by the majestically towering Nanga Parbat since it’s discovery. Mount Everest and K2 may be the highest mountains in the world, but they are not the hardest one to climb. Nanga Parbat is the peak which is believed to be the most hardest mountaineering feat in the world. There is a consensus among the world’s adventurists that Nanga Parbat is the deadliest of the peak.

By deadliest, the mountaineers meant the climbing, but the despicable terrorists gave it a new meaning. Nanga Parbat saw in shock as terrorists slain eleven of its lovers and then fled without any obstacle. The base camp of Nanga Parbat became a death trap for these foreign tourists and local guides. That has never happened before, and now this has happened and has caught us off guard as usual, we are yet to see the after affects.

In recent years, Chinese engineers and other nationals have been attacked, injured and killed in different parts of the Pakistan, but this is the first time that China has shown real anger towards Pakistan for its inability to safeguard it’s nationals. The militants attack on tourists’ base camp at Nanga Parbat at Buner Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan killed at least 10 foreign tourists and their local guide. Three Chinese tourists were among the dead.

Chinese embassy in Islamabad is livid. The embassy has asked Pakistan to make all-out efforts to take care of the survivors, apprehend the gunmen as soon as possible and take measures to guarantee the safety and legitimate rights of Chinese citizens in Pakistan. This is unprecedented and very alarming. Our own house is so much out of order that now our friend countries are warning us.

If you think about it, Pakistan’s all future projects are linked with Chinese cooperation. The dream Kashghar-Khunjrab-Gwadar road and rail link, up gradation and maintenance of our nuclear power plants, our future dams, our future defense strategy, our strategic importance as Chinese ally, and the industrial help we get from them. Who else is our friend in the world? Saudi and UAE governments are kind of our masters and not friends. Rest of world doesn’t like us at all.

Terrorists have told us that they can reach anywhere and do anything. The war is now stretched from Arabian Sea to the peaks of Northern borders, but we are still confused. Talks, what talks? Who will talk with whom? Talks are held when there is stalemate. Right now we are hapless and clueless and on retreat. First we need to gain upper hand, stop helping terrorists in FATA, and strike on them with impunity and only then talk with who want to talk with their arms laid to rest.

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  1. When Punjab Government has donated nearly 300 million to JUD led by Prof Hafeez saeed and who in turn has blamed this barbaric attack on India, then one can see how Pakistan is getting confused.It was same witrh the case of Sri Lankan cricket team attack and now Pakistan has no domestic cricket.This attack is directed at the tourist industry of Pakistan and also its economy.

  2. Tourist killing is indeed condemnble and barrazen act. We can live with poor roads and load shedding but we cannot live with poor security. For God’s sake, if you are reading this, Mr Prime Minister, please stop doing everything else and please do everything you can to improve the law and order situation. You can deal with load shedding next year, you can build new roads the year after that and in your third year you can give us the bullet train (whatever it is) even though we do not need it. However, please do not waste your time on foreign tours and umrah trips; please spend the time and money on improving security. You can do it, if you have the will. If, on the other hand, you decide to waste our tax money on frivolous projects, the fate of your government will not be different from that of the last one.

  3. I Think these so called Taliban (Who used to say that we are Muslin, and We are fighting for Islam) want to proof that Pakistan is a Terrorist Country. No one come to Pakistan for Visiting. But We can change the minds of people and we ouselves can write blogs and through Social networks, We can share our views and opinion with others. We can portray a good Image of Pakistan among Western Countries. Pakistan is a beautiful country and no one can deny this fact.

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