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Dr. Shahid Masood’s Program at ARY Network TV

By Umer Toor • Jun 17th, 2010 • Category: Politics • 6 Comments

Anchorpersons are for sale in Pakistan all the time. Got money? More money than the ARY Network? Then go buy Dr. Shahid Masood, but beware that his credibility has been exposed time and again.

He got a cheap fame by slapping together pirated clips of different movies and background music and calling it End of Time, and then he joined GEO and slammed everyone, and then played to the gallery. Then he was offered more money and perks and privileges and he joined PTV and his boss was President Zardari himself. Then he was sacked, and he joined GEO again and it became a weekly ritual in his program to bash Zardari.

Oh, and what would become of Shaheen Shabai, Ansar Abassi, Mohammed Salah Zafer and Tariq Butt? All of them are at the payroll of the GEO, and so would they join in the Zardari bashing of Dr. Shahid Masood? Fun it would be to watch.

Where this rolling stone will go now is anybody’s guess. Kon tha Kahan Chala Gaya.

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  1. @ Umer

    In other words you are suggesting that your boss (Zardari) paid money to buy out Dr. Masood.

    Umer, your lies will not change the reality. Zardari is a pivotal point of corruption in Pakistan. Why don’t you write up an article about the corruption in Pakistan Steel Mill in the past two years.

  2. Umer I though I would never say this but I agree with you this time. The character of Dr. Shahid Masood has become quite shady especially since he joined PTV. I was really surprised by that.I think he wouldn’t be trusted by people as he used to be. He has changed just so much in short period of time. It seems like he is after money.

  3. Dr. Shahid Masood V/s rest of Cronies of Zardari — O Boy How Dare to raise voice against this Truthful Doctor Shahid Masood who is standing with Aitazaz Ahsan, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbassi, Sherry Rehman, Senetor Baig along with many others — No Not at all this is something else may be so called only the Jiyala Style Based Self Created Bias or whatever Prejudice Atmosphere at this forum — This is the HISTORY of the Zardari & Co. that they always afraid with those who talk & present their Point of View or whatsoever Arguments with LOGIC or with Undeniable Established fact of the matters as they often may become SPEECHLESS usually they get ASTONISHED right after hearing the UNANSWERABLE – Facts of the Matter i.e. further proof of their own — being brainwashed.

    Kaisay Maan Loon Kay Such Ko Jhoot Aur Jhoot Ko Such Kiya Ja-Sakta Hay-
    Qanoon-e-Qudrat Hay Yehi Kay – Aakhir Mein Sirf Or Sirf SUCH Hee Raih Jata Hay-

  4. I have no wonder on the comments sent against Honorable Dr. Shahid Masood by some sickminded people because they are empty rather blank from SHAOOR. In the present situation one cannot dare speak or point out mistakes of union councillor while Dr. Shahid Masood focused head of the state. He showed and exposed all the corruptions done by Zard-Aree (Saw)-Zardari and his accomplices. Can you dare go to an area SHO tell his fault and corruption to his very face. No man no…..your paint will go wet only by thinking this because you need selflessness, boldness and courrage and above all God gifted SHAOOR. I am here in Canada not in Pakistan and can feel what patriotism is and given the Palestine in mind I keep thanking Allah Almighty that He imparted us a land a mother land -Pakistan. But how mean and cheap minded and sick minded we are we cannot call a spade a spade even in a private corner. If, for the sake of argument, Dr. Shahid Masood is making money, do we not have this lust in mind to get millions and live palatial life? But I bet you just for money sake, you cannot put your life and your family life in danger by telling the bitter turth and realities of the head of states. O, man….come on …be sensible and wise and above all a good muslim who from the least degree of Imaan thnk a wrong is wrong and bad is bad. For God sake, do niot just criticise on Dr. Shahid Maood’s calibre on the basis of money he earns by very fair means he is paid and offered and respected by the media for what he deserves for and that is truthfullness his Imaan to say and speak truth and he better than all of us at least his standing at second degree of Imann that is he is not just thinking in heart and mind he is saying it openly knowing that his life is always on threats and that is not an open secrets for sensible people. Prove him wrong by what he says, prove him wrong by what he showed and exposed and then I must be standing by you. So please, kindly and for God sake respect people who are standing against most corrupt group in the history of Pakistan i.e Zardari and his allies. Be a muslim first and then Pakistani and believe always that we are going to be accountable for what we say, do and believe….. May Allah keep Dr. Shahid Masood in His gracious custody and not only Dr. Shahid Masood but also all who second Haq and fight against evil ……Islam Zindabad…..Pakistan Zindabad………

  5. Iam totally agreed with Razi, I think there is some controversy going.

  6. bhaijan can you tell me the name of movie theme song.. that shahid masood has used in his program …

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