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On Facebook, dp or Display Picture for girls is of paramount importance these days. Jokingly, one of my friend was saying that she would be much more selective and careful for selecting a picture for facebook, as compared to sending her picture for ‘rishta.’

This is no joke really. Profile picture on facebook for Pakistani girls is a make or break. They know that in order to expand their friendship circle, they have to have the best dp out there, otherwise they would loose the rat race of having more friends and fans and yes the likes.

It has become an addiction to change the dp on daily basis. Some girls even change their dp multiple times a day. With cameras in every phone, and at such a cheap price, girls keep taking their hundreds of pictures daily, and then display it. Some more tech savvy lassies use photoshop to enhance it.

And it has become a business to have a collection of girls dps of facebook and sell it for a small amount on the Internet and girls are purchasing it. Technology goes on.

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