Do Zikris Perform hajj at Koh-e-Murad Turbat?

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Another heretical firqa is emerging fast in the hinterlands of Balochistan. They are called Zikris. They are quite old and their numbers are increasing in the ignorant and backwards areas if Lasbela, Gwadar and Turbat. They are also present in Karachi and Quetta and increasing their presence in the interior Sindh.

They are keeping a low profile in the fear of being declared as Non-Muslims. They call themselves an offshoot of Islam and term themselves as Muslims. Zikris, like mainstream Muslims, are religiously obligated to pray five times daily. However, the content of their prayers, which they call Zikr, differs from the orthodox practice of Salah. The Zikris, however, do not perform the standard Islamic Hajj, but instead make pilgrimage (ziyarat) to a shrine called Koh-e-Murad (Mountain of Desire), in Persian). The shrine is located in the city of Turbat in Balochistan. They do ziyarat on the 27th night of Ramadan.

This is quite alarming.

Everyone is free to practice his or her religion in Pakistan and Zikris can do so without any fear or pressure. But the thing is that they must not call themselves as Muslims, because they are not. This is highly injustified and condemnable thing by them to deviate from the Islamic pillars and even then declare themselves Muslims.

Religious leaders should peacefully talk to the elders of Zikris and they should convince them to stop hurting the emotions of Muslims.

2 thoughts on “Do Zikris Perform hajj at Koh-e-Murad Turbat?

  1. saleem barkat
    July 5, 2016 at 12:01 am

    Comment:zikris r also muslim. As they believe in one Allah, His prophets and the day of judgement. They recite holy quran and offer 5 five a day. They have their own shadath.

  2. faisal Khan
    July 18, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Well janab;

    Can you please what is that Shahadat………….

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