Discovering Ourselves

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Eminent personality Dr Ahmad Rafique Akhtar has asserted that success can be gained if we are able to get rid of our inferiorities and do away with depressive thoughts. But unfortunately Indo Pak has remained a land of inferiorities right from the very start.

This is a valid point to ponder. Obviously if we do not have positive opinion about ourselves then how can we expect that others would think elevated about us? Our religion asks us to gain knowledge till we die. However one cannot get knowledge till the time he nurtures inferiorities in his self. We should think positive and associate good hopes with the future. Not only about our own self but thinking positive about others also saves us from a lot of distress.

Negation of self is mandatory to achieve success. For this it is necessary that we learn to stop criticizing every one. We must start observing ourselves. Truly man is his own best master. It does not essentially imply that we stop contact with the outside world. We ought to adopt good company and pick the best from all we meet. Growth would be possible if we realize the importance of our being human. Rather than getting jealous from the successful people we must try to gain inspiration from them and follow suit. Even we can learn from the criminal people. By resolving not to adopt their way we can save us from some impending doom. Similarly defeat can be taken as a challenge and a source of providing us the motivation to start anew by avoiding mistakes already committed. The sincerity of purpose and the fire with which we chase that is also of huge significance. True intentions matter a lot. If we do not think bad of any, have noble intentions and work assiduously then we must have a staunch faith that by the grace of Almighty no harm can come to us ever.  Here I will make a mention of Robert Browning, an English poet, who opined that maintaining low aim is a crime. One must set high targets and then pursue them.

Whole of our life is built in a series of learning. We learn when we come across some new situation. One is, in fact, always in a learning phase. We must allow our intellectual process to trigger and discover new worlds. We need to learn to be happy, to participate in others’ happiness and most of all we need to learn how to celebrate joy, be it is ours own or others’. Also we must avoid sitting with the people who remain gloomy or sad most of the times just for no reason or sometimes for stupid causes. Such people cast a melancholic shadow on others and drain their energy for moving ahead in life. Life is a great gift of Almighty and we must spend it in a good way. We must respect this great gift. I will like to quote the belief of our pious companions of Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him) who always looked at suffering as a forerunner of reward. This approach we must inculcate in ourselves. Francis Bacon reiterated the same when he said that adversity brings out the best in man. The famous spiritual scholar Sarfraz Shah emphasized on the beauty of giving if a person feels hard pressed relating to his financial condition. Even he referred to the giving of gifts or fruits or something according to one’s capacity whenever someone visits his sister for improving his status. He declared that it’s a guaranteed fact that doing so one can cherish financial affluence to a great extent.  Another thing which he referred to and what I believe is very important is that whenever some person is in crisis, he must ask Allah only for his help rather than looking for corporal means like some human being. Of course if he asks another human being then he will be likely to belittle the importance of our supreme Creator.  Exactly same is the teachings of Islam

Surrendering our mundane desires is also important to be at peace with ourselves. We have to infuse this in our mind that our assets are not ours, they would perish away. We must meditate on the interrelationship of the things. In this way new discoveries would be possible and our insight would broaden.